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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Rufus Spencer Brendan O'Connor

Rufus [The Amazing Rufo] Spencer 2002
Occupation: Hypnotist

Rufus Spencer made his slightly unorthodox living as a hypnotist named The Amazing Rufo. He was booked to appear at Louís pub and attracted quite a crowd, including several Ramsay Street residents. His first victim was Stuart Parker. Playing on Stuís childhood nickname, Chooka, Rufo hypnotised him and made him behave like a chicken. He then dragged Harold Bishop onto the stage and made Stu believe that he was a famous film star and Harold was a young starlet. Stu proceeded to attempt to chat up Harold, much to everyoneís amusement, but while all this was going on, nobody had noticed the effect it was having on Reverend Rosie Hoyland. As soon as Stuart had been put into a trance, Rosie had also started behaving oddly. As the act drew to a close and everyone was clapping, Rosie suddenly stood up and thanked them all for attending the board meeting. Everyone was confused and as Rufo attempted to get her out of the trance, she sat down and started speaking in Italian. Realising he was out of his depth, The Amazing Rufo did a runner, and it was left to Rosieís friends to try and bring her back to reality.

Notes: Brendan O'Connor previously appeared in 1993 as a prison guard, in 2001 as Richard King and Geoff Hillier and returned to the show in 2004 as Bob Watson.

Biography by Steve



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