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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Rob Summers William Clarke

Rob Summers 2005
Occupation: Service Station Assistant

When Dylan Timmins was forced to commit armed robbery at a service station, as an act of revenge by old enemy Roo Hausman, it was left to shop assistant Rob Summers to identify the man who’d robbed him. When the gun was found, with partial prints, Dylan became a suspect and, when Rob picked out Dylan’s mug shot, it seemed as though his fate was sealed. However, as Dylan tried to explain that he was set up and later went missing following a plane crash over Bass Strait, his friend, policeman Stuart Parker questioned Rob again, determined to try and prove Dylan’s innocence. Although that plan failed, Stu later went undercover in prison, and Roo was eventually recorded confessing to the crime after which Dylan was set free.

Biography by Steve



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