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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Clementine Truman Melanie Lockman

Clementine Truman 2001
Parents: Jeannie
Siblings: [Dorothy] Allana
Occupation: Student

The older sister of Lance Wilkinson’s girlfriend, Allana, Clementine was chatting about her kooky sister in Lou’s pub one day, when barman, and Lance’s housemate, Toadie Rebecchi overheard her. She quickly recognised him from his UNIfm radio show, and they found that, as law students, they had a lot in common. She explained to Toadie that she and Dorothy – Allana’s real name – were named after their grandmothers, but at least the name was less embarrassing that Allana’s other secret. As she realised that Toadie had no idea that Allana still lived at home with her mum, she quickly clammed up, although he and Lance soon found out Allana’s secret for themselves.

A few weeks later, Clementine bumped into Toadie again at uni and struck up a conversation. Toadie was flattered, until he realised that she had an ulterior motive – grabbing his Hawaiian shirt as part of a radio contest to win dinner with the DJ. When Clementine then appeared on Toadie’s radio show, she encouraged him to restart an old show segment that had been banned by the producers. The segment involved telling students about ways that they could save money and beat the system – including shoplifting. However, Toadie soon came to regret restarting the segment when he was fired by producer, Tony Simpson. That evening, at dinner, Clementine encouraged Toadie to fight for his job and suggested that he sue the radio station for unfair dismissal. A few months later, Toadie’s case was heard and he ended up winning.

Biography by Steve



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