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Detective Hall Tucker 2018
Occupation: Police Detective

As it looked like Tyler Brennan was headed to prison for the murder of his father Hamish Roche, word got out into the local community, and Tyler was approached by a man named Adrian Snyder. Snyder explained that he was there on behalf of Philip Banks, an inmate who had heard about Tyler and would ensure that he had an easy time on his arrival at the prison, if he did something in return. Snyder told Tyler that Philip Banks was concerned that his wife Verity was being unfaithful, and he wanted Tyler to try to seduce her and see if she took the bait. Tyler was unsure, but when Snyder explained that the decision could have some unpleasant consequences, especially for Tyler's girlfriend Piper, the mention of Piper's name forced Tyler to agree.

After Tyler met with Verity, it wasn't long before she invited him back to her hotel room, where he was hoping to find evidence of her infidelity. However, Verity caught Tyler searching the room and told him that she knew all along that it was a trap, and that her husband had done this to her before. To make the situation worse, Verity then said that Tyler had good reason to be worried about meeting Philip Banks, as Tyler's older brother Mark was the police officer who'd put him in prison in the first place. With Snyder still pushing for Tyler to do jobs for him - this time in order to help Banks break out of prison - and the murder trial approaching, Tyler and Piper went for one last night together at a hotel in the city, where she persuaded him to go on the run with her.

It wasn't long before Piper's mum Terese found out about the plan and reported them to the police, and as Tyler and Piper put on their disguises and prepared to leave the hotel, the police arrived. They were forced to go up onto the hotel roof, but as Tyler jumped from one roof to another, Piper couldn't make one of the jumps and ended up clinging on to the side of the building. As Tyler struggled to pull her up, Detective Hall Tucker arrived and helped to pull Piper to safety, before arresting them both. At the police station, Detective Tucker dropped the charges against Piper, but Tyler was warned that this situation had left him with a slim chance of avoiding prison. He decided to avoid a trial and plead guilty, but was left horrified when he was then sentenced by Judge Roz Challis to twenty years in prison.


Biography by Steve