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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Laura Wallace Fiona Choi

Laura Wallace 2001
Occupation: Student, Stripper

When student Laura Wallace walked into Lou’s Place one day, looking for part-time bar work, she quickly found herself being chatted up by barman Matt Hancock. When she returned later that day and met pub owner Lou Carpenter, he informed her that he had no positions available, but she couldn’t leave without giving Matt her number. A few days later, they’d arranged a date and Laura was waiting for Matt at the pub, when one of Matt and Laura’s mutual friends, Toadie Rebecchi, came in, with his housemate Dee Bliss. As the trio entered into a confusing conversation, it finally emerged that Toadie had been telling his friends that he’d been dating Laura. As Toadie admitted all to Dee, Laura went on her date with Matt and they found that they had a lot in common. Meanwhile, a sympathetic Dee backed up Toadie, who told Matt that it had all been a practical joke, and Matt was free to date Laura if he wanted to. For their second date, Matt invited Laura back to the Hancock house, claiming that he lived there alone. However, it wasn’t long before Laura noticed various toys around the place and he was forced to own up.

Laura chose that moment to own up to Matt about her part-time job – as a strippogram. Although many of her past boyfriends had been scared off when they found this out, Matt tried to prove that he was different by accepting it without question. However, as Matt told his friends and family about her job, and they barely batted an eye at the revelation, Matt’s true feelings of jealousy and discomfort began to come out. As he sat and listened to Laura’s stories about stripping during their next date, Matt struggled to compose himself, but assured a suspicious Laura that he was fine with it. However, as they went to play pool at the pub, he finally blurted out the truth – he hated her job. Matt assured Laura that he didn’t want them to split up because of his insecurities, however, and so she gave him one last chance, asking him to fill in for her minder, Sam. As the pair turned up at a retirement party, with Laura dressed as a cop, Matt couldn’t help himself and ended up punching one of the punters when he got too close. Laura was sacked and realised that Matt wasn’t the man for her. The couple did stay in touch though and, a few weeks later, Laura put Matt’s name forward for a job as an Elvisogram.

Notes: Fiona Choi previously played the role of beauty paegent contestant Pham Thi Hien in 1994.

Biography by Steve



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