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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Virginia Walters Brenda McKinty

Virginia Walters 2007
Husband: Trevor
Children: Tyson

Soon after the birth of her daughter, Kerry, teenage mum Sky Mangel agreed to host a mothers’ meeting. As the afternoon got underway, Sky listened as the mothers spoke about their husbands and felt awkward as one mum, Virginia, spoke about her husband and their plans to send their child to a decent school before having another baby. When Sky mentioned that she was a single mum and, at one point, had wondered which of two brothers, Stingray and Dylan, was the father of her baby, the other women thought she was joking. In a final attempt to be accepted by them, Sky phoned Stingray and asked him to call in, dressed in a suit and pretending to be her husband. Although the plan worked, Sky later realised that, although she thought that Virginia and the other mums had been judging her, she, in fact, had been the judgemental one.

Trivia Notes
• Brenda McKinty previously appeared in 2006 as Sarah Green
• She returned later in 2007 as Lili Ford

Biography by Steve



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