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Sam Young 2022
Parents: Rose and Mike Young
Occupation: Assistant to Chloe Brennan at Lassiters Hotel

After finding herself being given more and more responsibility, and tasks above her pay grade, by Lassiters Hotel's manager Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan eventually managed to persuade him to hire an assistant for her. Chloe then hired a young woman named Sam through an Inclusive Employment Initiative that had been set up at the hotel the previous year by Paul's predecessor, and ex-wife, Terese Willis.

Though Chloe and Sam quickly developed a good working relationship, Sam noticed how unhappy Chloe was becoming at work, both due to the recent death of her former stepson Hendrix, and the fact that Terese was planning to sell her shares and cut ties with the hotel completely. Though Terese went ahead with her plans to sell, she struggled to keep away from Lassiters, and when a troublesome guest called Mr Trotter, who was holding an antiques conference at the hotel, started making demands, she could see that Paul wasn't coping. With Chloe away in Adelaide, Terese then secretly teamed up with Sam to make sure that everything went smoothly, allowing Sam to take the credit, knowing that Paul wouldn't be impressed if he knew that his ex had interfered.

When Chloe returned from Adelaide, she broke the news to Sam that she'd decided to sell number 24, quit her job and leave Erinsborough. As Sam waited to find out if the new owners would keep her on, she was visited by her dad, former Ramsay Street resident Mike Young. The visit proved surprising for many of Mike's old friends, including Paul, and his old flame Jane Harris. After a trip down memory lane together and some encouragement from Sam, who was eager to see her dad move on with his life, Mike admitted to Jane that he was still in love with her, and that he'd decided to buy 24 Ramsay Street. Sam was delighted by the news, especially as Jane agreed to Mike's suggestion that they could revisit their relationship, take things slowly and see what might happen.

Trivia Notes
- This character was initially called Sam Ellis in publicity announcing the casting, then only credited as Sam for her first five appearances. When it was revealed that she was actually Mike Young's daughter, she was credited as Sam Young for episodes 8901, 8902 and 8903
- Mike referred to his daughter as 'Sammy'

8865, 8870, 8879, 8885, 8895, 8901, 8902, 8903

Biography by Steve