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Men's Shed 2010-
President: Lucas Fitzgerald (2010-)
Treasurer: Karl Kennedy (2010-)
Members: Toadfish Rebecchi (2011-), Michael Williams (2010-), Ringo Brown (2010), Declan Napier (2010-2011), Zeke Kinski (2010-2011), Lou Carpenter (2010-)
Residents: Lucas Fitzgerald (2010, 2011)

In 2010, with the females in their lives encroaching on their personal time and determined to spend more time doing "bloke stuff," university students Zeke Kinski and Declan Napier decided to set up a Blokes Club. Overhearing their first meeting in Harold's Store, neighbour Lucas Fitzgerald asked to join, offering them a couch, refrigerator, television and stereo for the club.

Karl Kennedy soon joined too, followed by Lou Carpenter with Lucas finding them a clubhouse in the form of a lock-up unit owned by a friend, which has been dubbed the 'Men's Shed.' Ringo Brown also joined the club upon his return to Erinsborough.

When Lucas' friend reclaimed the furniture from the clubhouse, except for an old couch and refrigerator, the members went on a scout of the local hard rubbish to find replacements, with Lou finding a way to raise money for the club by repairing damaged or old furniture and selling it on.

Applications to the club are via nomination by another member followed by a vote, sometimes with an initiation process. Newer members include Michael Williams and Toadfish Rebecchi.

The Blokes Club has a number of rules, including:

Rule 1: Don't talk about your feelings
Rule 16: No music by Karl Kennedy

Violation of these rules is liable with a $2 fine per offence, which is doubled if the recipient protests. Repeat offenders can be issued with a 24 hour ban.

In 2011, the men were briefly forced to hand over the shed to the women after losing a bet to see who could sell the most calendars to raise money for the Scully house rebuild. After spending a few hours attempting to clean the shed up, the women declared it unsalvageable, deciding to hand it back to the men, however Susan Kennedy decided to have a little fun at their expense, tricking her husband Karl to dress up in her clothes from the calendar photo shoot and announce to the customers of Charlie's bar that the women of Erinsborough were superior to the men.

Key moments (with episode links where available)

Lucas and Steph spend her last night of freedom together