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Christian Clark
Played: Will Griggs
Appeared: 2006-2007

Born in 1980, Christian Clark began his career as a model, spending time in both Los Angeles and New York. Following numerous modelling gigs and appearances in television commercials, he filmed a role as Sean in the 2007 feature film Gabriel in mid-2006, before heading home to Australia, where he was asked to audition for one of several new roles in Neighbours.

After winning the role of the mysterious Will Griggs in July 2006, Christian had only been filming for three months when he was offered a role in a film, The Gates of Hell, which he had auditioned for during his time in the United States. Having been let out of his contract with little warning, Will was replaced on-screen by his brother, Oliver and vanished from Erinsborough almost as quickly as hed arrived.

Since filming The Gates of Hell, Christian also has roles lined up in Florence, Stealing Happiness and To Live By The Gun.

Perfect Blend Interview (2007)

Profile by Steve



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