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Neighbourhood > Actor Profiles > Jonathon Dutton

Jonathon Dutton
Played: Kenny Hyland/Tad Reeves
Appeared: 1998/1998-2002

Born in Geelong, Australia on 13th August 1981, Jonathon Peter Dutton acquired his first major acting role in 1998, portraying teenage tearaway, Tad Reeves in Neighbours, having previously appeared in the show earlier that year as scout Kenny Hyland and in an episode of popular Australian series, Blue Heelers.

He stayed with Neighbours until 2002, when his character left to pursue a career as a DJ on the Extreme Sports Tour.

Jonathon, however, continued to pursue his acting career, having guest star roles in Thunderstone in 1999, alongside Kate Keltie (who would appear in Neighbours later that year as Michelle Scully), Blue Heelers again in 2003, and MDA in 2003.

After starring in MDA, Jonathon left Australia to reside in the UK with fellow ex-Neighbours cast members Daniel MacPherson (Joel Samuels) and Stephen Hunt (Matt Hancock).

There, the trio formed a band together (The Funky Bitches) where Jonathon was on guitar and backing vocals. “Taking their music from the green room of Neighbours and the pubs of Melbourne to the city of London proved a big success. Their brand of classic covers and ad-lib funk is rarely performed due to the three boys living such diverse lives and careers, but is not to be missed if you get the opportunity.”

Whilst in the UK, Dutton landed himself a guest role in the BBC comedy Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, playing David Fish for two episodes in 2004. In 2005, he gained a role in Australian show, The Secret Life Of Us, in which he played a gay character, Jeff, for 9 episodes.

In 2006, he joined Australian medical drama All Saints, where he played ambulance crew member Kane Hely, and the following year he joined the cast of the hit play The Vegemite Tales in London.

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