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Reference > Erinsborough News > Death Becomes Him?

Erinsborough’s Tad discovers the identity of his impersonator – but will it cost him his life?

Loveable teenager Tad Reeves will be seen for the last time in Ramsay Street this fortnight, but will his departure be happy or tragic? That’s the big question as Tad finally discovers who has taken over his name and identity – and the story surrounding Tad’s mysterious alter ego takes a final dramatic turn.

“Just when you think it has all calmed down, something unexpected happens,” reveals Jonathon Dutton, who is leaving after three years playing Tad. “You could say it’s a matter of life and death!”

Tad’s problems began when his passport went missing and mysterious bills started to appear in his letterbox. After reporting the matter to the police, it became obvious someone was running up debts in his name. And when his passport reappears, it becomes clear the thief must have a more sinister motive.

“Tad’s passport has been returned because someone is trying to frame him,” explains Jonathon. “An ordinary thief wouldn’t bother. And sure enough, the police now suspect Tad is making the whole story up, and that the debts really are his. He has to do something about it and fast!”

The pieces start falling into place after Tad has a strange encounter with an old adversary. “At the pub, Tad bumps into a girl who used to work at Hemisfear nightclub with him,” says Jonathon. “The last time Tad saw Doula, he found out she was ripping him off and got her sacked. When he sees her, she says something which makes Tad think twice, although he doesn’t quite know why at first. By the time he gets home, it becomes clear – Doula has stolen his identity to get revenge. Harold Bishop suggests he goes to the police, but Tad knows he needs proof and decides to visit the club where Doula works.”

At the club, Tad asks a guy named Richard to find Doula. Richard obliges, but as soon as Doula appears, she starts arguing with Richard and that’s when Tad pounces.

“He calls out the name Wayne – which is his real name – and Richard turns around,” reveals Jonathon. “That’s when Tad knows he has his man. They get into a bit of a fight and Tad ends up chasing him out, then we hear the sound of a car crash!”

Back in Ramsay Street, a phone call from the hospital seems to confirm everyone’s worst fears.

“Harold gets a call to say Tad is in intensive care,” says Jonathon. “So he rushes to the hospital but he is told that Tad has passed away!”

But is Tad really dead, or is it another case of mistaken identity? Jonathon won’t say, but he is happy to talk about bowing out of Erinsborough.

“I’ll miss a lot of things,” he admits. “The people, and the comfort of a regular job. I love what I do and I’m tearing myself away. So hopefully I won’t live to regret it. My plan at the moment is to have no plan. I want to do my own thing for a while, and see where the wind blows me. Maybe I’ll go travelling – which is something Tad wanted to do – our futures may be very similar!”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated August 2002, and was written by Jason Herbison

Article submitted by Steve


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