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Neighbourhood > Actor Profiles > Stephen Lovatt

Stephen Lovatt
Played: Max Hoyland
Appeared: 2002-2007

Born 27th May 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand, Stephen studied the acting trade at the New Zealand Drama School and has an extensive career in the New Zealand and Australian acting industry.

Having numerous theatre and radio credits to his name, Stephen made his television debut in 1989 and has since made appearances on a multitude of New Zealand series and independent movies, including The Strip and Being Eve. Stephen is also known to a larger audience when guest-starred in American series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and notably playing Hades on numerous occasions on the cult hit series, Xena: Warrior Princess.

However his most notable role is Max Hoyland in Neighbours, which he played from 2002. In 2006, Stephen was crowned Australia's Brainiest Neighbour, a spin-off from Australia's Brainiest Kid, defeating 8 other members of the Neighbours cast.

In mid-2006, Stephen took time off from Neighbours and starred in a production of The End of the Golden Weather, which toured New Zealand and eventually arrived at the Edinburgh Festival. Stephen later returned to show in order to tie up loose ends for the character and finished filming in late 2006.

Stephen lives with his partner Kirsten and their young daughter Coco, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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Profile by Conor. Special thanks to Tracy Fitzpatrick.



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