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Reference > Erinsborough News > Max In The Middle

Max Hoyland joins his cheeky kids – and his quirky priest mum – in Erinsborough

When Max Hoyland arrives in Ramsay Street to see his children, Summer and Boyd, he realises how much they all need each other and moves into No 32.

Along with Max’s mum Rosie, the Hoylands form the newest family on the block. Stephen Lovatt, originally from New Zealand, explains his character’s background.

“Max’s wife died from a heart attack about two years ago and he didn’t handle it well. He left his children with his mother and ran away to the oil rigs in East Timor.”

On upcoming eps, Max tries to be a single parent to his two young kids. He also has much to resolve in his relationship with his mum, unconventional priest Rosie Hoyland (Maggie Millar). And romance is on the horizon with Steph (Carla Bonner).

Max’s children Summer (Marisa Siketa) and Boyd (Kyal Marsh) lack parental discipline, despite being raised by their grandmother. But their dad is still dealing with the loss of his wife. “Max finds a photo that his wife took and he feels guilty for not being there for his kids during a crucial time,” reveals Lovatt. “Also, managing a household by yourself is a whole different ball game. Summer’s heart condition is the same thing his wife had. He faces a few hurdles understanding his daughter – she reminds him of his wife.”

Neighbour Steph takes Summer under her wing. This causes friction between Max and his daughter and kickstarts a love-hate relationship between Max and Steph.

“They don’t get on so well,” smiles Lovatt. “Summer takes a shine to Steph, who does a few things that Max doesn’t think his daughter should be doing – like riding on the back of a motorbike!

“But who knows where that’s going to go? There’s aggro between them because there’s an attraction there. Let’s be honest, Steph is a fairly flash kind of person!”

Although he’s an amiable neighbour, Max knows that repairing his family is his top priority. “Initially he keeps to himself. He gets on well with everybody, but he’s got things to sort through. Rosie’s a great support, yet there’s history between them. She went off on a personal quest when he was a teenager so he ended up in boarding school. There’s unresolved material that simmers away – especially when she gives him advice on parenting!”

This article originally appeared in TV Soap magazine, dated August 2002, and was written by Rachel Corcoran

Article submitted by Steve


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