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 PB @ 2
Feb. 27 2005

Today marks two years since the launch of Neighbours: The Perfect Blend! We'd like to thank everyone who has read the site, posted on the board and sent us their thoughts and ideas over the past 24 months. We've really enjoyed it and we hope that the site will continue to grow for a long time to come.

 Joe Mangel Returns
Feb. 22 2005

The Perfect Blend can exclusively reveal that one of Ramsay Street's most legendary characters, Joe Mangel will definitely be returning to the show for a lengthy stint as part of the show's 20th Anniversary Celebrations. "Mark Little's doing an extended three month stint with us mid-year, returning as Joe, of course," script producer Luke Devenish has confirmed.

 BBC Boards To Close
Feb. 22 2005

The BBC has today announced that, as of Friday 25th February, they will be closing the various messageboards that they run, including the one for Neighbours. They have claimed that in order to "provide the best possible website to all its users", the BBC website would, in future, focus on "simpler forms of user interaction and feedback." The official website will not be affected.

 BBC Denies Rumours
Feb. 22 2005

Digital Spy reports that the BBC have denied recent rumours that Neighbours would be replaced in the future with a British drama. A spokeswoman said that "We have absolutely no plans to replace Neighbours in the foreseeable future" and that "it plays a very important part of the BBC One schedules and is still very popular."

The rumours began last week when BBC controller Lorraine Heggessy resigned from her post, and a MediaGuardian article, speaking of her legacy, mentioned the possibility that the imported soap would be replaced.

 Cast News
Feb. 20 2005

Former Neighbour Natalie Imbruglia is making her musical comeback over the next couple of months. Her new single Shiver is due out in the UK on March 21st, and it's taken from the album, Counting Down The Days, due out April 4th. UK viewers can see Natalie on Top of the Pops this Friday at 7.30pm.

Meanwhile, the Herald Sun reports that Peter O'Brien, who played Shane Ramsay from 1985 to 1987, has made a breakthrough in Hollywood, having signed a three-movie deal.

 Izzy Out?
Feb. 20 2005

The Herald Sun reports today that Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland) is apparently "a little surprised, but not concerned" to have been overlooked in TV Week's shortlist of actresses for this year's Best Actress Silver Logie. More worrying for fans is the news that Natalie is strongly rumoured to have won the role of Sandy in the stage revival of Grease. Could this mean a farewell to Izzy in 2005?

 More Anniversary Returns?
Feb. 20 2005

Australia's Herald Sun newspaper has today printed the longest list yet of possible returning characters for this July's anniversary celebrations. It seems that the producers "compiled a wish list" and asked "just about everyone" to come back. Around 20 of these actors have apparently signed on for a return appearance, some of them are:

Kimberley Davies (Annalise Hartman): Confirmed as 99% certain to return in a recent issue of Inside Soap
Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson): Actress has confirmed that she will return to filming in March
Stephen Hunt (Matt Hancock): Actor confirmed to us that he would be returning. In an interesting new twist, he recently informed us that his character wouldn't be setting foot in Ramsay Street, but would be returning via a "talk to camera"
Daniel MacPherson (Joel Samuels)
Mark Little (Joe Mangel)
Terence Donovan (Doug Willis)
Rachel Blakely (Gaby Willis)
Eliza Szonert (Danni Stark)
Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy)
Benji McNair (Mal Kennedy)

As was recently rumoured, an invitation also went out to Nicola Charles (Sarah Beaumont), but she, as well as Emma Harrison (Joanna Hartman) and Holly Valance (Flick Scully) have yet to confirm.

It looks like some of the bigger names, such as Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson), Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson), Natalie Imbruglia (Beth Brennan) and Guy Pearce (Mike Young) have turned the offer down, with Kylie citing schedule clashes as her reason.

 20th Anniversary Promotions
Feb. 17 2005

The BBC has confirmed today that it plans to promote Australia's 20th anniversary episodes, due to screen in the UK in the early Autumn.

"We will certainly be looking to capitalise and promote Australia's 20th anniversary episodes, which looks set to be very exciting with its returning characters and big storylines".

They went on to say: "Neighbours is a very important and valuable part of the BBC's daytime schedule, with a loyal and very appreciative audience."

 No Return For Jim
Feb. 15 2005

Despite reports yesterday that Alan Dale would be reprising his role as Jim Robinson for this year's anniversary celebrations, we've just received word from the show that this will not be happening. Looks like we'll have to make do with Paul, Lucy and persistent rumours about Jason Donovan returning as Scott.

 Jim's Ghostly Return
Feb. 14 2005

The latest name to add to the list of returnees is Alan Dale. Alan played Jim Robinson from the very first episode, until his character died as the result of a heart attack in 1993. The actor has gone on to great success with a series of guest roles in shows including ER and 24, and currently, the regular role of Caleb in The OC. Today's Daily Telegraph newspaper mentioned that Channel Ten has lured him back for one episode, but quite what role his dead character will play in the proceedings remains to be seen. Jim's on-screen children Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy (Melissa Bell) are already confirmed to be returning this year.

 Anniversary DVD
Feb. 14 2005

Although there is no longer a documentary in the pipeline, we have received confirmation from FremantleMedia that they are intending to release a Neighbours 20th Anniversary DVD in September. It is hoped that it will contain full episodes, as well as some extras including cast interviews. As it is still in the planning stages, this is all subject to change, but we'll keep you informed.

 Documentary No More
Feb. 08 2005

Despite rumours that have been circulating for several months, it seems that the planned documentary for Neighbours 20th Anniversary will not be going ahead. Fans will have to make do with the massive celebrations being planned on screen this year, as well as the eagerly anticipated 20th Anniversray souvenir book.

 Hartman Comes Home
Feb. 08 2005

Only a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Kimberley Davies was in talks with Neighbours bosses about reprising her role of Annalise Hartman. This week, Inside Soap has reported that "she's 99 per cent certain to return" and it will be "part of a massive storyline designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary."

 Timmins Trouble
Feb. 08 2005

Tomorrow's UK episode sees the debut of Stingray's mother Janelle, played by Nell Feeney. Nell previously played the character of Joanne Blair two years ago. Although Janelle is only around for a few weeks during this visit, she's set to play a bigger part in proceedings later in the year, when she returns, with three more of her children, to take up permanent residence in the street.

 Jesse Returns To UK Screens
Feb. 05 2005

It's been a huge hit in the US and now Hugh Laurie's medical drama House, starring Jesse Spencer (Bill Kennedy) is to make its debut on UK screens. Satellite and cable channel Hallmark has acquired broadcast rights to the show and will air it from April.

 Anniversary Update
Feb. 02 2005

This week's issue of the UK's Inside Soap magazine reveals that plans for this year's 20th anniversary celebrations could see many old characters back on the street. Already confirmed to be back in 2005 are Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson) and Stephen Hunt (Matt Hancock), with rumours last week also singling out Kimberley Davies (Annalise Hartman) and Nicola Charles (Sarah Beaumont).

Now, Inside Soap has spoken to an anonymous ex-cast member, who has revealed that "everyone who has been anyone on the show has been approached to take part, and most have said yes," and that "there's a rumour that everyone will get to be their character again."

 Libby Leaves
Feb. 02 2005

Tomorrow's episode will see Ramsay Street wave goodbye to long-time resident Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine). Libby's first episode, number 2251, screened in the UK in June 1995, meaning that she's racked up just under 10 years on screen. Libby's sudden departure is accounted for by Kym's last-minute decision to leave, to take the lead role in the musical, Dirty Dancing. However, if recent interviews with her are to be believed, she might just make a return one day.

 Mel Gets An Overhaul
Feb. 02 2005

It was recently announced that Melissa Bell would be returning to her role of Lucy Robinson later this year. However, prior to her brief period of filming, scheduled for March, she has taken on another tv project. Celebrity Overhaul, due to be screened shortly on Channel Nine, will see several celebrities, including Melissa, 2004 Big Brother winner Trevor Butler and former Stingers actor Peter Phelps, undertaking a full detox involving trainers and nutritionists.

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