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 Bishop Beginnings
Nov 29 2003

This Tuesday sees the return of Harold's son, David Bishop, to UK screens. Once again played by much-loved Australian actor Kevin Harrington, David brings with him a wife, Liljana (Marcella Russo), and a 15 year-old daughter, Serena (Lara Sacher).

David was last seen at his father's marriage to Madge Ramsay back in 1988, when he was the spitting image of his father, in looks, character and voice. But things have since changed and the relationship between father and son is not as rosy as it once was...

For more information about the Bishops, along with other recent arrivals to Ramsay Street, why not take a look at our feature, here.

 Comings and Goings
Nov 26 2003

Yesterday saw the final appearance of Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy) in UK episodes for the foreseeable future. As Libby goes to Adelaide to take up a new teaching post, Kym took some time off to give birth to her first child, daughter Millana. She will shortly be returning to set to film Libby's comeback which should be seen on screen next May in Australia and July in the UK.

Meanwhile, Libby took son Ben with her. Although Ben will be back along with his mother, he will no longer be played by Noah Sutherland.

Returning to the set this week, however, is Michelle Ang (Lori Lee). BBCi Neighbours reports that Michelle is filming until the end of the year and her storylines will see some closure for the character of Lori, last seen fleeing Ramsay Street, pregnant with Connor's child.

 Another Singing Neighbour?
Nov 15 2003

Could Michelle Ang (Lori Lee) be the latest Neighbours star to have a stab at the music charts? The latest issue of the UK's All About Soap magazine reports that she's been spotted at a recording studio while at home in New Zealand. With Michelle about to record a three-week return to the show as Lori Lee any day now, could she be planning to release a single to coincide with her return to the limelight?

 Valance's Career In Crisis
Nov 12 2003

British Tabloid newspaper The Sun reported today that Holly Valance's (Flick Scully) music career is in crisis, as her latest album State of Mind has bombed in at a disappointing #47 according to the mid-week sales chart. Valance started her career with a blast, with her debut single Kiss Kiss entering the charts at #1, and her first album Footprints reaching the top ten.

In comparison, Neighbours star Delta Goodrem's (Nina Tucker) album Innocent Eyes has remained in the UK top twenty for the 19 weeks it has spent on the chart, and Kylie Minogue's (Charlene Robinson) new album Body Language, due out next week, is guaranteed to enter the top five on pre-orders alone.

 UK Gold Latest
Nov 12 2003

Following the recent news that UK Gold are to show double episodes of the 1997 repeats from next month, the channel has released more details of the changes.

UK Gold's Alison Cowlishaw comments "We will be showing double episodes of Neighbours throughout December only, the episodes won't be shown as one, they will be single episodes just shown one after the other. We have taken the decision to show double episodes because throughout the year we have become slightly behind on the amount of episodes we are committed with Grundy Television to show, the double episodes will enable us to catch up and start a new in 2004."

In other news, UK Gold's timeshift channel, UK Gold +1 starts broadcasting 24 hours from tomorrow. This will mean that Neighbours episodes will also be shown one hour later at 8.20am.

 Kylie Speeds to the Top
Nov 9 2003

Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson) has entered the UK Charts at #1, making her new single Slow her seventh number one in the UK. It follows her debut release I Should Be So Lucky, her duet with Neighbours co-star and her then sweetheart Jason Donovan on Especially For You, the catchy Hand On Your Heart, her Grease inspired Tears On My Pillow, her triumphant return to top form in 2000 with Spinning Around (and, more likely, the video's gold hotpants) and the monster hit Can't Get You Out of My Head, which was the biggest selling single of 2001 by miles. However, it is oddly the #2 position Kylie is most familiar with in the UK Charts, with an astonishing ten singles missing out on the top spot.

On the flip-side, Holly Valance's (Flick Scully) latest offering, State of Mind, has slumped down to #12.

 M.T.C. 2004
Nov 2 2003

The Melbourne Theatre Company has just announced its 2004 schedule, which features two productions starring Neighbours faces. Janet Andrewartha (Lyn Scully) stars in Honour from April 23 to May 29 and Louise Siversen (Carol Barker, Angela Patrick) appears in The Memory of Water from May 21 to July 03.

For further info visit www.mtc.com.au

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