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The temperature in Neighbours has soared ever since 25-year-old Nicky Whelan joined the show late last year. The former model and TV presenter lives in Melbourne, Australia, and shares her alter ego's bubbly personality...

• Pepper was first described to me as being 20 times more crazy than she's actually turned out to be!

• I just took my audition in my stride. I'd already tried out several times in the past for different characters, so I wasn't too stressed as I wasn't sure I'd get the role of Pepper.

• The first time I watched myself in Neighbours was in London, six months after I actually started! I'm usually at work when the show screens at home in Australia, so it took me ages to see it. I hid behind a pillow and cringed!

• Pepper's best qualities are her loyalth to her friends and her willingness to make everything fun. I also like that she has trouble with men. Her worst quality is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time!

• I don't consider myself famous. I find it really weird to think that. I was surprised by the popularity of Neighbours in Britain. When I was about to fly home, I was crying as I said goodbye to my sister, and a little girl walked past and said, 'Look, Mummy, there's Pepper!'.

• I've done loads of sexy photo shoots over the years in magazines such as FHM, so I'm not fussed about putting that image out there now. Hell, it's nice if people consider me to be a sex symbol - but I just think, 'Whatever'!

• Natalie Saleeba - who plays Rosetta - is one of my closest friends. She's been acting for about 12 years, and has given me such brilliant advice.

• Pepper's going to get a stalker! It ends in a very dramatic way and puts her life into perspective for her.

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 27th April 2007

Article submitted by Callum


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