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Steph’s dream wedding turns into a nightmare when Marc confesses his love for Flick!

From the moment Stephanie Scully agreed to marry Marc Lambert, it was clear there was disaster in the offing. While Steph believed Marc was the man of her dreams, viewers saw a different side to the handsome hotelier. Marc may have lavished Steph with affection, but he was also attracted to her little sister Felicity – and Flick was just as besotted with him.

Recently, the pair even shared a kiss behind Steph’s back, creating a situation that can only lead to heartache for all concerned.

This fortnight, Steph and Marc finally make it to the altar, with Flick as chief bridesmaid. And according to Carla Bonner, who plays the unsuspecting bride, the stage is set for fireworks.

“Steph’s wedding is meant to be the happiest day of her life, but it turns into a real nightmare,” she reveals. “So much has been going on behind her back but she’s completely oblivious. When it all comes out, it’s a huge shock and that makes it all the more heartbreaking.”

According to Holly Valance, who plays Flick, guilt and confusion weigh heavily in the air on the morning of the wedding.

“Flick feels terrible about kissing Marc,” admits Holly. “But she is also in love with him. On the morning of the wedding, Flick is thinking ‘oh my God, I’m losing this guy and there is nothing I can do about it.’ She wants him so badly but there’s no way she can have him. Her plan is to leave town straight after the ceremony, and hopefully Marc and Steph can live happily ever after.”

If only it were that easy! After downing a few glasses of champagne, Flick, along with Libby Kennedy and Michelle Scully, accompany Steph to Lassiter’s, where the vows are due to be exchanged.

“When they all arrive for the wedding, Steph has no idea that things are going to go wrong,” says Carla. “When she walks down the aisle – with her dad Joe at her side – she thinks everything is perfect. It’s only when the time comes for Marc to say his vows – and he can’t – that it all falls apart.”

When Marc stumbles over the words ‘I do’, Joe takes him aside, believing it’s a simple case of pre-wedding jitters.

“Joe tries to talk to Marc, but then Steph steps in and asks him why he has changed his mind,” reveals Carla. “At that moment, Marc looks over and sees Flick. Steph sees the look, and suddenly it all makes sense. Nothing needs to be said – the emotion is there in his eyes, and in Flick’s.”

Realising the game is up, Flick makes a run for it, with Steph not far behind.

“Steph gets back to the house, but Flick is nowhere to be found,” Carla says. “She goes next door to see Tad Reeves – thinking Flick will be there – but there’s no sign of her.”

Meanwhile, Flick has taken refuge at No.30, the home of her good friend Stuart Parker. Marc finds her there and professes his love – just before Steph appears at the door.

“Steph sees Marc comforting Flick, and it’s the final straw,” Carla reveals. “Flick tries to apologise, but Steph won’t hear of it. She thinks ‘how could my own sister do this to me?’ Flick may have her reasons, but I don’t think Steph will ever fully accept them. Flick’s crossed a line that you just don’t cross.”

As the argument spills out into the street, Flick takes advantage of a nearby cab and leaves Steph, Marc and Stuart in her wake.

“Flick can’t take it any more,” says Holly. “She knows there is nothing she can say or do to make the situation appear any better than it is, so she just runs. Before she goes, Marc puts his jacket around her shoulders, so she doesn’t get cold. In the cab, she finds some money in the jacket pickets and thinks ‘right – I’m getting out of here.’”

The next time viewers hear of Flick, she’s in faraway Sydney.

“Marc and Stuart follow her up there, but you’ll have to keep watching to see what happens,” teases Holly.

As for Steph, Carla says we can expect plenty of tears from the jilted bride. “I don’t think she will ever get over it,” she says. “I mean – is there anything worse than your own sister cheating on you?”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated July 2002, and was written by Jason Herbison

Article submitted by Steve


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