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Secrets old and new see Lyn’s life take a dramatic – and dangerous – turn…

Ramsay Street’s Lyn Scully is usually on top of local gossip, but this fortnight the hairdresser and expectant mum will be in the dark about two very important issues.

On the home front, a long hidden secret involving her Aunt Valda will be uncovered, while right next door at the Kennedy house, a dangerous situation will threaten both her life and the future of her unborn child. With all this going on, it’s no wonder actress Janet Andrewartha, who plays the Scully mum, is bracing herself for a busy few months.

“This is the beginning of a very big story – a long journey with many different elements, and all very dramatic,” says Janet. “I think the audience will be surprised with what’s going to happen.”

On the surface, the biggest problem in the Scully house appears to be the tension brewing between Lyn’s husband, Joe, and her aunt. When Joe returns home from New York to find Valda and her two dogs staying in the house, he hits the roof.

“Joe thinks that Valda is taking advantage of their hospitality, and wants her out,” reveals Janet. “But Lyn has become very fond of her. She’s got to know her so much better than she did as a child, and is grateful for her warmth and generosity. She likes her eccentricity.”

After overhearing Joe’s concerns, Valda offers to move into the garage and pay board. But neither Lyn nor Joe know the real reason why she wants to be close to the family. In a moment of weakness, Valda tells Lou Carpenter the truth about her past.

“Valda reveals to Lou that she is not Lyn’s aunt – she’s actually her mother,” explains Janet. “But she swears Lou to secrecy. She never wants Lyn to know.”

With Lyn still mourning the death of the woman she believed to be her mum – Valda’s younger sister, Connie – the implications of this secret are complicated. “Lyn’s still very upset about losing Connie, and has come to regard Valda as a maternal figure,” reveals Janet. “Particularly with a baby on the way, she’s grateful to have that support. She has no idea there is more to it.”

In any case, Lyn will soon have more pressing worries. Desperate to raise money to pay gambling debts, Darcy Tyler stages a robbery at the Kennedy house. But when Lyn hears the sound of breaking glass, she ventures next door to investigate and disaster strikes.

“Lyn arrives just as Darcy’s rushing out the door, and gets knocked to the ground,” reveals Janet. “It’s a serious fall. By the time they get her to the hospital, she’s bleeding and there’s a risk she could lose the child. Darcy doesn’t know whether she’s seen his face or not, so when she comes to, he’s keen to find out. Lyn can’t remember anything, but that’s not to say her memory won’t come back down the track.”

Meanwhile, Valda’s attempts to comfort Lyn are met with opposition from Joe. “Joe loses his temper with Valda and tells her to keep away from the hospital,” reveals Janet. “Lyn’s unaware of what’s going on – she’s just concentrating on herself and the baby.”

But when Valda makes a big decision after returning to the Scully house, it seems Lyn’s worries may only be about to grow…

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated July 2003, and was written by Jason Herbison

Article submitted by Steve


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