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Shady Will makes way for his brother…

Will Griggs does an abrupt runner from Ramsay Street this week, just as his big brother, Oliver Barnes, turns up. But will the newcomer replace Will in Carmella Cammeniti’s affections?

“Oliver comes to town to try to reconnect with Will, but he shows up at the exact point that Will decides to pack his bags and leave,” explains David Hoflin, who plays Oliver. “So it’s kind of bad timing, and the poor guy has to pick up the pieces of the mess Will’s left behind.”

One of Oliver’s first duties in Erinsborough is to break the news to Carmella that her enigmatic boyfriend has upped sticks and headed overseas without even telling her.

“Carmella is the first person Oliver meets when he arrives, and he feels an instant attraction to her – which is pretty weird, since she’s been seeing Will,” David reveals. “Carmella’s thrown by the fact that Will has gone, but Oliver gently explains that his brother could never be trusted. Although they can’t be sure why he left when he did, it was obviously his choice. That makes it worse, as he didn’t even have the decency to say a proper goodbye.”

And as Oliver provides a comforting shoulder for Carmella to cry on, it seems the attraction won’t be one-sided… “A chemistry which neither of them can really understand is going to develop,” says David. “Oliver doesn’t want to appear to be taking advantage of Carmella, but the more he gets to know her, the more he likes her. She has a fiery, passionate side, and that just appeals to him a lot.”

Just as Will’s exit is shrouded in mystery, the same could be said of the departure of the actor who played him, Christian Clark. All that’s officially known is that Christian’s time on Neighbours came to an end after just three months, paving the way for Oliver’s quick introduction.

“I’d actually just returned from a holiday in New Zealand when I got the call from Grundy – which makes the show – offering me the role,” shares David. “I didn’t have to go through the whole audition process, which was great. I met the producers on a Friday afternoon, and started work the following Monday. It was that quick!”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 6th April 2007

Article submitted by Steve


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