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Reference > Erinsborough News > Valentine's Day Massacre

A romantic weekend turns sour - thanks to Ned...

Love is in the air in Erinsborough this week - unfortunately, Cupid's arrow appears to have fired in all the wrong directions, leaving two couples confused and heartbroken. When Carmella Cammeniti and Dylan Timmins are found in bed together, their respective partners, Oliver and Elle, can only assume the worst. All is not as it seems, however - due to the meddling efforts of nasty Ned...

"To celebrate Valentine's Day, Rosie has organised a weekend getaway," explains David Hoflin, who plays Oliver. "It's meant to be a romantic getaway for Rosie and Frazer, Carmella and Oliver, Dylan and Elle, and Sky and Stingray. But at the last minute, Ned decides that he'll tag along. Nobody realises that he's on a secret mission - to do the dirty work for Elle's father, Paul." Since discovering that Oliver may have inherited a family fortune, Paul's been hell-bent on getting him to partner up with Elle. But before that can happen, he needs to break up existing relationships.

"At this stage, Elle and Dylan are going strong," shares David. "What Carmella and Oliver have together isn't defined, but they're kind of dating. So Ned deliberately ensures Dylan and Carmella get drunk one night, and then puts them in the same bed. The next morning, it appears as to everyone that they've slept together.

"Elle's absolutely furious, and splits up with Dylan immediately," continues the actor. "Oliver finds it more difficult to have a go at Carmella, since they haven't technically made a commitment to each other yet. Nevertheless, it does make him think twice about their relationship." While Paul's plan hits a snag when Oliver finally agrees to give Carmella another chance, the Lassiter's boss' evil scheming is far from over! "Paul stirs everything up with Elle, so eventually she decides that she wants Oliver," David reveals. "The way things are going at the moment, it seems that Oliver and Carmella don't have a hope in hell of staying together..."

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated 27th April 2007

Article submitted by Callum


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