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Reference > Erinsborough News > Has The Honeymoon Just Begun?

Beautiful Annie skips out on another tv wedding, but has the honeymoon just begun?

Annie Jones has bid a teary farewell to Neighbours after three years in the popular series. The TV Week Silver Logie winner has decided not to renew her contract. Her last screen appearance in on September 4.

But the hot tip is that by then she will be filming a new telemovie, The Honeymooners, the pilot for a new series in which she will star. Its been very sad, Annie says of her final scenes in Ramsay Street. I know Im going to have a big bawl about it. Ive had a fantastic time on Neighbours and its done a great deal for me, I suppose, but things must come to an end. Ive made dear friends who will be friends for life. But I think three years is long enough to be in a show like Neighbours.

Annie, 22, insists she has no definite plans for the future. For the Ramsay Street residents, Janes departure comes as a total shock. Des and Janes wedding plans are thrown into turmoil when Jane receives bad news and has to make a mercy dash overseas. A distraught Des tries to talk Jane out of leaving, but she insists she is obligated to go.

After completing her final scene two weeks ago, Annie flew to Perth where her husband, director Paul Maloney, is shooting a mini-series. I really need to have a big rest to not get up at 5.30 in the morning, Annie says. Its been a hard slog and Im looking forward to getting back to being a normal person. Ill probably sleep the whole first week.

Annie and Paul plan to stay in Perth for several months. Then it is believed she will return to television as the star of a project penned by The Comedy Companys producer Ian McFadyen. With the working title of The Honeymooners, the new series is an idea that has spun from Ian and Maryanne Faheys in-bed couple in The Comedy Company. The Honeymooners explores the everyday hassles faced by a young married couple once the honeymoon is over.

Ian tells TV Week: Its one of a number of projects we are working on but it is still in development. He says he is hoping to make a pilot in September but it is too early to yet talk about casting. Asked if she had been approached, Annie said: Ive heard the least about that of anyone, I think. Id like to do it but I really dont know whats going on. Its a tricky one to talk about.

Annie stresses she is not worried about her prospects of landing good roles in the future, accepts she might be out of work for a while and is prepared to wait. My motto is one door closes and another opens, and theres a lot of other things I want to do. Im keen to drive up to Cape York and catch some barramundi at the moment, being out of work seems quite sunny!

Annie does have one firm commitment, however. Shes off to England in late November to promote her new Oz Beauty Video. Just released in Australia, Annie presents a guide to hair styling, make-up and grooming in a long-form video. It will be available in major stores here and in England.

Im only the presenter but I think its a great idea and, hopefully, it will go well. Im really excited about going back to England. It will be winter there then so I hope its snowing because Ive never seen snow!

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 5th August 1989 and was written by Chrissie Camp

Article submitted by Steve


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