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Reference > Erinsborough News > Keeping Up With The Joneses

When Annie gets a chance to go home, the neighbourhood goes wild…

The quiet suburb of Bray Park on Brisbane’s northern outskirts, becomes a hub of activity when Neighbours star Annie Jones comes to stay.

"I love coming home," says Annie, who plays Jane Harris in the popular soapie. "All the neighbours here are fantastic!" On a quiet Sunday afternoon, this suburban street resembles Annie’s “other” address – Ramsay Street.

“I’m sure there are just as many comings and goings, family squabbles and love triangles here as there are in Ramsay Street,” Annie says with a laugh. “They just don’t get the same publicity.”

Despite her superstar status, Annie says she is treated like “just another neighbour” on her regular visits. “Friends and neighbours drop in to say hello and others chat over the back fence,” she says. “I suppose it causes a bit of a stir when I first arrive, but really it’s no big deal. I’m just the Jones’ little girl!”

Annie’s parents, Steven and Elizabeth, who migrated from Hungary 36 years ago, and moved to Brisbane from Adelaide two years ago, never dreamed that their youngest daughter would command such attention.

A simply shopping excursion to the local supermarket usually turns into a major operation for Annie and her mother as they are constantly besieged by fans.

“People have even asked me for my autograph,” says an embarrassed Elizabeth. “I try to tell them I’m just her mother, but they insist I write my name, too!”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine, dated 13th February 1988, and was written by Dani Rogers

Article submitted by Steve


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