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Reference > Erinsborough News > Jessica Has A Tale Or Two To Tell

Neighbours actress Jessica Muschamp wouldn’t be surprised if she married young and had a tribe of kids. Jessica, who is nearly 19, is interested in youngsters and in writing books for them, something that stems from her mother, a primary school teacher.

“Even after I left primary school, I kept reading the books mum had for her students,” Jessica said. “There are some charming stories and I’d like to write contemporary children’s novels. I’ll probably marry young if I find Mr Right, just like Scott and Charlene.”

The girl who plays mischievous Sharon is also a prolific letter writer. “If someone takes the trouble to write to me – or Sharon – I take the trouble to write back,” she said – obviously a courteous lass. “People do differentiate between me as an actor and Sharon as the character. It depends on how heavy is my workload on how long it will take for a reply.”

This week on the Channel Ten programme, we see Sharon go on a get-skinny diet, which is exactly what Jessica did recently. “TV adds weight to you,” she said. “In the show I’ve been fasting for nearly a week and collapse into the swimming pool.”

When Jessica departs Ramsay Street – whenever that may be – she would like to write scripts as well. “I’ve also like to do stage – even Shakespeare – and cinema,” she said.

This article originally appeared in TV Scene magazine dated 25th June 1989

Article submitted by Steve


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