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Reference > Erinsborough News > Kylie's Tearful Goodbye

TV Week Gold Logie winner Kylie Minogue has filmed her farewell scenes, said her goodbyes to Ramsay Street and left the neighbourhood. Next week she is off to London for three weeks, then on to Germany.

I Should Be So Lucky, which has been a number one hit here, in Britain and across Europe, is already in the top 40 in the U.S. Now a new version of Kylie’s debut hit single in Australia, Locomotion, will be featured in the Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli sequel to Arthur - Arthur On The Rocks.

“It has been happening so fast. I still can’t comprehend it all, which is why it will be good to get away,” Kylie says. She wants to take stock, look carefully at all the offers that have come in and decide where she goes from here.

So with Kylie jetting across the world, her Neighbours character Charlene is off to Queensland, leaving her husband Scott (Jason Donovan) behind in Erinsborough. After their bust-up over Steve Fisher (Michael Pope), they realise they love each other too much to let it wreck their marriage and are reunited.

From the day they were married the great dream they have shared is to have a home of their own. Now it finally becomes a reality. Charlene is left her grandfather’s house – in Queensland. And Scott is not about to throw in his job in Erinsborough until he has something else lined up. So Charlene goes on ahead.

Kylie says she has not closed the door for all time on the possibility of returning to Neighbours. But the big question is: With Kylie out of the show, will Jason follow?

He admits that until a few weeks back he was undecided. “I knew then Kylie had made up her mind to go, so it wasn’t that. It depended where I felt my future lay and how the storylines were going to go.”

Last month he signed on again but with what he conceded is “a pretty unique contract”. Jason also leaves for London next month, when it is planned his debut single will be released. He will be away for three weeks. “I am contracted through until December,” he says. “I haven’t said I’m planning to leave in December,” he adds cautiously. “But if I was to sign up for a year I might want to take time out… before that time.”

For Kylie, the last day on set was an emotional one. “I thought I would bawl my eyes out – and I did,” she says. Asked what was the toughest time once she had made her decision to go, Kylie says: “I think the hardest thing to get across is I’m not snubbing people. I’m not leaving because I think I’m too good for the show.”

She admits she has been under a lot of pressure this year. “It’s not so much the job, it’s the outside pressure that gets to you.”

But if she learnt one important lesson this year she says it was how to say no. She says there have been times when it was getting to her. “I have gone home and cried. I’m human. I’m not made of steel. But it is usually over-tiredness. Your professional life can be going really well, but you still have everyday problems.”

Kylie says she doesn’t read press criticism so that doesn’t upset her. “They can say what they like. I will do what I want to do.”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 25th June 1988 and was written by Patrice Fidgeon

Article submitted by Steve


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