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Reference > Erinsborough News > Its Goodbye To The Anti-Neighbour (And The Wackiest Girl On The Street!)

Two popular Neighbours characters, newlyweds Joe (Mark Little) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), depart the series this week.

In emotional scenes at an airport, the couple and Joes daughter, Sky (Miranda Fryer) leave for the UK. The farewell episode screens on October 24th.

For Mark, it closes the door on three years as the amiable hothead Joe. Hes an incredible character because hes the typical Aussie a union man, likes a beer, works hard, but not a mindless yobbo, Mark says.

He was a mean bloke when he started. He was more the anti-neighbour! Ive worked very hard to make him grow and bring out more sensitive sides. Ive tried to make him a Nineties kind of Aussie guy thats maybe why hes been so popular. But Ill be glad to have people call me Mark again, not Joe.

Since finishing Neighbours, Mark has been working day and night literally. At night hes been doing a stand-up comedy season in Sydney and, by day, filming the lead role in a new Australian film, Green-Keeping, also featuring Brides of Christ star Lisa Hensley.

Its set in a lawn bowls club, and Im playing Lenny, the green keeper, Mark says. Its a nice, simple comedy of manners one of those feel-good films. And lawn bowls for four weeks that shouldnt be too taxing!

Lucinda Cowden is also ready for the next phase of her career even if it means unemployment. It is very hard to give up a soap, to give up earning a wage, she says.

I know about going on the dole and being a waitress Ive done that and its not fun. Im pleased with the work Ive done as Melanie but if Id gone on, it would be easy to get typecast as a dizzy blonde. Id like something with a harder edge now, maybe theatre. I know there are a lot of actors unemployed, but I feel positive its onwards and upwards from here!

Lucinda and her husband David leave next month for a four-month trip to the UK, where she has signed to star as Dick Whittington in a holiday pantomime.

Its two shows a day, six days a week. I play a young lad and I have to sing a few songs, so it should be interesting, she says with a grin. Im really looking forward to it, because Im yet to see how big Neighbours is over there and experience all that.

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 19th October 1991 and was written by Chrissie Camp

Article submitted by Steve


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