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Reference > Erinsborough News > Tom Axed In Neighbours ‘Oldies’ Clear-Out!

Shock spreads throughout the Neighbours cast as they hear of Tom’s sacking…

The bosses at Neighbours seem to have opted for an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ policy – in a surprise decision they’ve decided to cut an old favourite from the cast.

Neighbours’ Tom Oliver, who plays loveable Lou Carpenter, is shocked and angry over the producers’ decision to axe him from the show. Tom, who has played fun-loving, wisecracking Lou for four years, says he was offered no explanation whatsoever when he was told that his contract would not be renewed.

“I don’t understand it at all,” he says. “Lou is very popular with everyone, especially the kids, who even come up to me in the street and say: I wish my dad was more like Lou.”

The news has sent shockwaves throughout the Neighbours cast, who are apparently worried about further sackings. In particular, other senior are said to fear that they too may be dropped in favour of younger stars.

“They axe some of the older actors every couple of years, hoping that fresh young faces will increase the viewing ratings,” claims an insider. “What they have completely failed to realise, is that for every new viewer who may tune in to the series out of interest, a loyal devoted fan tunes out.”

Although devastated by the blow, Tom is proving fiercely professional and loyal to the series he has been part of for the past few years.

He has agreed to stay past his original departure date, so the writers have time to give Lou a respectable send-off – rather than death by a ratings grabbing car accident or explosion, says the insider.

“I have a lot of affection for the show and its viewers,” says Tom. “The fans are most important. I want to do what is right for them.”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated 19th April 1996

Article submitted by Steve


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