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But Neighbours bride Emma vows she has no marriage plans…

As Joanna Hartman in Neighbours pretty Emma Harrison is set to walk down the aisle. But don’t expect to see 22-year-old Emma exchanging vows in real life for quite some time.

When it comes to marriage, Emma and Joanna have radically different views.

“There’s someone in my life who’s been there for a while, but I’m so young I don’t think about getting married. It’s something for down the track,” Emma says. “For me to get married, it will have to be someone really special – and someone I know inside and out. I’m not someone who believes in falling head over heels in one second. I think love is something that grows, not in a week but over years. My feelings on marriage are different from Joanna’s, and the way she’s done it isn’t the way I’d go about it.”

“Joanna is really impulsive. She’ll just do whatever takes her fancy at the time. But I would never do it that way. I’d think about very practically and sensibly.”

Joanna, 19, shocks Ramsay Street when she decides to marry a man almost twice her age after a brief courtship. Rob Evans (Graham Harvey), a participant in an aerobics class instructed by Joanna, finds the courage to send her a note. When Joanna receives the letter she doesn’t know who it’s from, but eventually they meet and become good friends.

Next, she’s Rob’s personal trainer and then the romance starts to blossom.

“It all happens very quickly, but Joanna is really drawn to Rob’s energy and she thinks he’s gorgeous,” Emma says. “I think it’s true love. She really does fall head over heels.”

Joanna’s wedding (which will screen on the Network Ten soap on June 21) is a beautiful, lavish affair but, as with all soap nuptials, it doesn’t go without a hitch.

A gazebo is to be built for the special day but it isn’t finished in time, and then there are the dress dramas…

“Joanna thought she’d get her bridesmaid, Danni (Eliza Szonert) to design the dress because she knew Danni was a young, up-and-coming designer”, Emma says. “When Joanna saw the dress, she freaked out because it was quite risqué and a bit revealing. Not at all what she’d wanted. When she told Danni she didn’t want it, Danni was livid.”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine, dated 11th May 1996 and was written by Amanda Ruben

Article submitted by Steve


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