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Reference > Erinsborough News > Brad's A Real Creep!

Neighbours' Mr Nice Guy is about to turn nasty, and Scott Michaelson says he can’t wait!

“I’m a bit worried that everyone might think Brad is gay!” jokes Scott Michaelson. “After all, not many guys would say ‘no’ to Beth Brennan.”

Just one week after Brad’s girlfriend Lucy leaves Neighbours for a new life in Singapore, brazen Beth moves in on the surf god. “She just comes straight out with it and asks Brad to sleep with her!” says a stunned Scott. “She’s unreal isn’t she?”

Somehow Brad refuses her offer, only to succumb to the teen temptress a few weeks later. He certainly doesn’t take long to get over Lucy. “It’s a tough job,” says Scott laughing, “but someone’s got to do it!”

Despite its unromantic start, Beth and Brad’s relationship does get pretty serious. “We stay with each other for a year,” explains Scott. “We even walk down the aisle!”

And even though Brad doesn’t miss Lucy, Scott pines for the actress who played her, Melissa Bell. “Melissa’s great to work with – she’s got great energy,” he says. “She’s also completely loopy! Still, she’s coming back,” he says excitedly of Melissa’s return to the soap for its 2000th episode. “I haven’t got the scripts yet, but it will be interesting to see how Brad and Lucy get along.”

In episodes being shown Down Under at the moment, Brad isn’t the nice, lovable fool we’re watching here. “He turns into a bit of a creep,” says Scott. “He starts seeing two girls who are best friends. It’s great!”

Eh? What’s this, nice guy Scott saying it’s great to two-time your girlfriend? “I mean it’s great to play,” he clarifies. “About a year ago my storylines started getting really good, but this is the best! It’s nice to be a bit mean.”

However, better storylines mean more work and Scott now reckons he works a 60 hour week. Which means he hasn’t got much time for his beloved surfing.

“I’m really bored of reading stories about me that say ‘This is Scott Michaelson and he surfs’. There’s a bit more to me than that you know.”

At the moment the only thing Scott’s got any time for is renovating his new house in Melbourne.

“I’ve just bought this place with my brother Antony. I’m quite lucky because he’s a carpenter so he’s doing all the work! But I do try to help him when I can. Owning your own place is great. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile.” Scott’s really thrown himself into making his new house a home. “It’s a gorgeous old building, very classic and it’s got three open fireplaces – not like Ramsay Street at all.”

He’s had great fun buying the furniture for his new pad, but admits he left the interior decorating up to someone else. “A lady came round to show me curtains. I think she sold me the most expensive ones she had. They cost me a small fortune!”

But the good thing about his new home is that there are lots of rooms to fill with antiques. “I’m really into antiques. In fact I can’t wait to get to England in July, because you’ve got lots more antiques than we do here. I’ll be coming over with my credit card!”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated June 1993

Article submitted by Steve


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