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Reference > Erinsborough News > Rachel's Baby Dilemma

Lovely Neighbours star Rachel Blakely is about to shock viewers when her unmarried on-screen character becomes pregnant and considers having an abortion. The controversial storyline will air next month when viewers will discover Rachel’s soapie character, Gaby Willis, is carrying the child of Jack Flynn (Mark Pennell), the man she fled after discovering he was having an affair.

Her situation forces Gaby to abandon dreams of a career in international fashion with Italian designer Stefano, and return to Ramsay Street. For Rachel, the prospect of motherhood brings mixed feelings. “I’ve done only one scene with a child before and totally messed up the whole thing because I was so stressed out about working with a child,” she laughs.

The 25-year-old former Cleo covergirl has been married for four years to businessman Peter Craig and admits to having had maternal urges. “For a while there it was difficult to get over that biological urge to have children straight away,” Rachel admits. “Now I’m happy to wait a few years before starting a family.”

Meanwhile, the makers of Neighbours have turned to sport to bowl up a few ratings in the form of a guest appearance by former test fast bowler Michael Whitney early next month. Michael helps new neighbour Cody Willis (played by Peta Brady) in her cricketing career. Coincidentally, Peta played for the All Girl Victorian Cricket Team.

He enjoyed his backstage glimpse of the show’s production almost as much as his on-screen role. “It wasn’t too difficult,” he admits. “As for Peta, the fast bowler, all I can say is good luck. The Australian women’s team is one of the best sporting teams we have had in the country in a decade and they are a very competitive bunch.”

This article originally appeared in Woman's Day magazine, dated February 1994

Article submitted by Steve


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