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Reference > Erinsborough News > Its Goodbye From Eliza

It was all a bit much. I had a lump in my throat and thought I was going to cry. But for once, I didnt So says Eliza Szonert on her last day on Neighbours. After two years playing Danni Stark on the Network Ten soap, Eliza, 22, is leaving Ramsay Street.

Im sad Im going, Eliza says. But its time to move on. Its the end of a chapter and Im looking forward to the start of a new one. It was also the last day for Brett Blewitt, who recently returned to the soap, playing Dannis brother, Brett. Its really weird because it feels like only yesterday that Brett and I were doing our first scene.

But its great that we could do this together. We came in at the same time and were leaving together.

Danni is leaving to go to Malaysia to work for a fashion company, while Brett is continuing his around-the-world sailing adventure. In real life, Eliza is off to Thailand for a holiday. And then, who knows? I get nervous when I think about what Im going to do, but Ive just got to get there.

I love acting, and Im looking forward to auditioning for different roles and doing classes again. Eliza did her final scene in one take. I just felt really strange, she says. Its my first job, so it was just overwhelming.

Dannis departure is a tearjerker, with her leaving her boyfriend, Luke (Bernard Curry) behind. The cast and crew presented Eliza with a bunch of flowers and a crystal. I think they asked Kym Valentine (Libby) what I would like. And it was perfect. I screamed!

Eliza made a shaky farewell speech. I was tongue-tied. It was all a bit much, she says. I love everyone on the cast and crew heaps. Ive grown so much over the past few years. Eliza will be seen on air until mid-November.

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 21st September 1996 and was written by Jeff Jenkins

Article submitted by Steve


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