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Andrew Williams has heart-throb looks, plays the guitar, sings and stars in Neighbours. But don’t dismiss him as just another substitute for Jason Donovan.

“I’ve been singing and playing the guitar for years,” he says. “I know Jason well – he’s a great guy – but he’s not what you’d call a singer’s singer. Musicians have what we call the acid test. If you can perform with just an acoustic instrument and a voice in someone’s lounge room then you’re a singer. I’m quite happy to do that.”

Andrew, who plays smooth-talking Guy Carpenter in the soap, was born in Wales where his love of music was nurtured by his parents. “Everyone in Wales sings – there’s nothing else to do,” he says with a laugh. “My mother used to sing professionally for a short time before she married my father.”

Andrew migrated with his family when he was eight, and quickly developed a passion for Aussie rules. “I played four reserves games for Carlton (then VFL),” he says. “But I had to choose between football and music. I remember I jarred my finger playing footy and had to cancel gigs because I couldn’t play my guitar.”

“There are times when I really miss football and think about what might have been. But I don’t regret sticking with music and acting.”

Andrew says there are parts of the charming rogue Guy Carpenter he can relate to. “We’re both sporty and we’re both looking for Miss Right.”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 2nd November 1991 and was written by Elisabeth di Giovanni

Article submitted by Steve


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