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Reference > Erinsborough News > Anne Haddy To Quit In Health Scare

The veteran soap actress, who plays Neighbours’ Helen Daniels, is too ill to continue with her role…

Ramsay Street without Helen Daniels, everyone’s favourite grandmother, is very hard to imagine. But after 13 years of keeping the peace and dishing out advice, actress Anne Haddy is leaving the show.

Anne, who has been plagued by health worries for the last 20 years, was recently hit by another bout of heart and kidney-related problems. Neighbours producers have been busy rewriting scripts to give her time off, but her condition has deteriorated to the stage where she has no other option but to leave the soap altogether.

“Anne is a real trouper and has done her best to keep up with the work, but it’s getting more and more difficult for her to go on,” says an insider. “Everybody loves her dearly, she’ll be terribly missed.”

Anne’s loyal and devoted husband James Condon has been a constant present on set over the last few months, helping Anne to and from scenes, and ensuring that she gets plenty of rest at home. Ironically, Anne’s real-life misfortune follows a year of health ups and downs for her on-screen character, the most serious of which was a stroke.

Anne won wide critical acclaim for her depiction of Helens’ strength and determination to undergo physiotherapy and overcome the paralysis she suffered as a result of her stroke.

Anne will be on British screens until some time in the New Year when her final scenes will air. But after that, Ramsay Street certainly won’t be the same again. Everyone at Inside Soap joins Neighbours fans around the world to wish Anne a full and speedy recovery.

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated October 1997

Article submitted by Steve


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