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New Neighbours star Kate Straub has Daryl Somers to thank for her big break...

Neighbours can thank rival network star Daryl Somers for its latest addition. Kate Straub was watching a taping of Hey Hey It’s Saturday when Daryl approached her in the audience and offered to set up a meeting with Grundys.

She’s now moved into Ramsay Street as Lisa Elliot, Erinsborough’s newest teacher.

“I was totally embarrassed by the situation,” Kate says. “I’ve had experience in theatre, but hadn’t thought about getting a break in television. This has been a lucky break which I see as a great challenge. I’m taking it very seriously because I’m determined to prove myself.”

Kate, 20, has had mixed reactions to her newfound fame. “A lot of people have said, ‘We’re so happy for you – good luck,’ but others say it’s absurd that all you need to get on a TV show is a pretty face.”

Kate is contracted with the Network Ten soap until early next year, but says she’s trying to learn as quickly as she can. “I was an avid fan of Neighbours when Kylie and Jason were on, but I haven’t watched much since. But my short time with the show has given me a huge appreciation of the television industry,” she says.

“I had knocked the Australian TV industry but I’ve realised the amount of work that goes into something like Neighbours.”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 23rd November 1996 and was written by Amanda Ruben

Article submitted by Steve


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