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The Blakeney twins and heart-throb Ian Williams enjoy working and (almost) living together.

Three young Neighbours stars don’t need to go to rehearsals to practice their lines – they can polish their performances at home across the back fence.

Gillian and Gayle Blakeney and the soap’s new heart-throb Ian Williams live in the same street in Melbourne – but it’s not called Ramsay Street.

It was pure coincidence that the trio found themselves so close together. The twins had shared a flat in the exclusive suburb of South Yarra for nearly a year when hunky Ian moved into his nearby apartment a few weeks ago.

“I looked at three different flats and I really liked this street the best,” says the 22-year-old Canadian. Since moving to Melbourne from Brisbane, Ian has spent a lot of time with the twins, sharing meals and discovering the city’s sights.

“We often share taxis when we go to work,” says Gayle. “But Ian has a bit of trouble getting up in the mornings and sometimes when we go to pick him up his lights are off, which looks like he’s not home. Later we find out he was at home – he just doesn’t answer the door!”

Being neighbours has certainly strengthened the trio’s friendship. Just like their TV characters, they help each other out in times of need.

“When Ian first moved to the street, he didn’t have a fridge so he put his food in ours,” says Gayle. “We also eat a lot of meals together. Ian’s not the best cook so he brings food over instead. Once he brought a frozen chicken to have for dinner, another time he came over for breakfast and brought fruit to have on the porridge.”

The three also enjoy going out together and fossicking around the local markets, although the twins admit they “often lose Ian in all the junk.”

Gayle and Ian, both fitness fanatics, spend time jogging and working out. “The twins have really helped me settle in here,” says Ian. Asked if he’s worried about overdosing on the girls’ company, he says: “No way!”

In fact, he’s enjoying it too much – a sentiment echoed by the twins. Ian has decided to stick with Neighbours for at least 12 months and he has no worries about being typecast. “It’s all a very valuable experience for me,” he says.

This article originally appeared in Woman's Day magazine, dated September 25th 1990, and written by Clare Murphy

Article submitted by Steve


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