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Reference > Erinsborough News > You've Got To Be Kidding!

Karl Kennedy wants to have another child but Susan is far from convinced!

After all the years that she’s put in as a professional mum, Susan Kennedy can’t wait to start her new job at Erinsborough High School. Getting married and falling pregnant at the tender age of 20 put pay to Susan’s dreams of a teaching career, but now her kids are old enough to fend for themselves, Susan has been given the second chance she always wanted. But hubbie Karl is about to upset Susan’s plans when he announces that he wants to be a dad again!

Jackie Woodburne, 39, who plays Susan reckons her on-screen character is horrified at her husband’s revelation!

“Susan isn’t keen at all about having another child and why would she be?” grins Jackie. “She’s just got her career back on track and she’s enjoying the freedom that she hasn’t experienced since her school days. I think she’s made the right decision not to become a mum again!”

Karl is not about to take no for an answer and is determined the Kennedy clan should give the Waltons a run for their money! But Jackie is convinced that her on-screen hubbie is having a mid-life crisis!

“The kids have grown up and he’s having one of those ‘I’m 40 – what is my role in life?’ kind of crisis,” she says. “Like all men, he looks to a woman to solve his problems and he thinks having a baby will give him a purpose in life again.”

Off screen there are no such worries for Jackie who is happy to live by herself with no family to tell her what to do. “I’m happy to come to work and have my on-screen kids for 11 hours and then leave them all behind,” grins Jackie! “Who knows, maybe sometime in the future I’ll think about having children but not right now.”

Jackie’s originally from Northern Ireland and although she’s called Australia home for over 30 years now she still has a slight twang of an Irish accent.

“I can switch it on and off,” she admits. “When I was younger the kids at school thought it was great that I sounded different so I used to really lay it on thick. But these days I’m your true blue Aussie!”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated October 1995 and was written by Victoria Ross

Article submitted by Steve


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