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Melissa Bell so enjoyed her brief return to Neighbours that she wants to come back for good…

When Lucy Robinson left Ramsay Street in June last year to start a modelling career in Singapore, everyone assumed it would be the last they’d see of her. So you can imagine her family’s surprise when, out of the blue, she turned up unannounced last week for her grandmother Helen’s birthday party.

But Lucy has an even bigger surprise up her sleeve this week, when she introduces everyone to her middle-aged agent David Kazalian (played by Frankie J Holden) – and announces that they’re husband and wife.

“Her family freak out because they thought Lucy had been doing well on her own – when, in fact all this time she’s been married,” says 21-year-old Melissa Bell, who plays Lucy. “They’re even more upset as David is in his mid-40s. Because of the age difference, they assume he’s got some kind of hold over her. They think he treats her badly, but, although he’s no gentleman, deep down he really cares for her.”

Melissa played rebellious Lucy for 16 months before leaving to join rival Aussie soap E Street. When the show flopped last year, she moved briefly to Britain to set up her own line in swimwear, which is sold in chain stores throughout the country.

“I have always been interested in designing clothes and decided to make a go of it when I was in London,” Melissa says. “I did everything from the designing to the marketing.”

Returning to Neighbours for the show’s 2000th episode gave Melissa the chance to catch up with her old pals. “I was really happy to be invited back for such a special show – it felt like I’d never been away,” she says. “I was just lucky that they didn’t kill me off when I decided to leave.”

So does that mean Melissa will be dropping by Erinsborough again? “Let’s just say there’s a rumour that Lucy could return for good,” she teases. “The scriptwriters are trying out stories to bring her back. As for me, I’d definitely return. I still think of Ramsay Street as my second home.”

This article originally appeared in What's On TV magazine dated 22nd July 1994 and was written by Andrew Fleming

Article submitted by Steve


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