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Reference > Erinsborough News > Madge Cashes In

While Glen faces drama in Neighbours this week, Madge (Anne Charleston) kicks off the year with good fortune - $250,000 of it.

In the episode screening on January 7, Madge gets the money from Harold’s life insurance policy.

“She’s just getting over Harold’s death so she’s sad because of the way she has got the money, but there’s relief as well that she will not be bereft in her old age,” Anne says.

While Ramsay Street residents are agog at the windfall, Madge remains down-to-earth about it.

“She pays out her mortgage, invests some in Lassiters, but that’s all,” Anne says. “She doesn’t go wild with the money. It doesn’t change her life.”

And would Anne do the same if she came into $250,000?

“I’d pay my mortgage out, too, and invest some. I would spend a few thousand on paintings and jewellery. I would indulge in my love for that,” she says. “But no, I wouldn’t go mad.”

Anne is now in the UK, performing in the pantomime Cinderella and will be back in mid-February. She is wondering about “life without Harold (Ian Smith)” this year.

“I was surprised Ian didn’t continue,” Anne says. “I will miss him. I don’t know what’s in store for Madge. It’s going to be interesting to find out.”

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine, dated 4th January 1992, and written by Chrissie Camp

Article submitted by Steve


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