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Reference > Erinsborough News > Beware! There’s A Man-Eater In Town!

Annalise has hardly unpacked her bags before she gets her claws into Lou…

Neighbours get ready! Here comes Annalise Hartman, man-eater extraordinaire. “I think Britain definitely needs to be prepared for Annalise!” says the former model who plays her, Kimberley Davies. “She’s quite insincere and pretty cunning. She certainly goes for what she wants.”

And in Annalise’s sights at the moment is poor unsuspecting Lou Carpenter. “Annalise goes for older men,” says Kimberley. “But she is just using them for their money!”

However, in exchange for the dollars, she has to kiss the frogs. And that meant 21-year-old Kim had to screen-kiss her co-star Tom Oliver (Lou), who is just the other side of 39!

“I’d never kissed a guy that age before,” squeals Kim. “Except maybe my dad and my granddad! When I saw the kiss in the script I got really quite stressed about it.”

It’s no wonder Lou falls hook, line and sinker for Annalise’s wily charms, because she’s the hottest babe to ever reach Ramsay Street. “I’m very aware that the producers want to put me in skimpy clothes,” says Kim. “But that makes her look like a real bimbo and I don’t see Annalise that way. I do try and talk to the people in wardrobe if I don’t want to wear something, but it’s up to the director on the day.”

Annalise’s reputation as a bimbo has certainly rubbed off on Kimberley, and it’s something she’s trying to shake off! “I still like to wear really funky stuff, but my skirts aren’t quite as short as Annalise’s! I like wearing different styles; you’d be surprised – sometimes I look really daggy!”

But wearing scruffy clothes is Kim’s protection from being recognised in the street. “Some people just can’t tell the difference between reality and TV. I think that’s really quite sad, but it means I take all their flattery with a grain of salt.”

But that’s not to say Kim doesn’t have time for her fans: “Sometimes I phone them up if they write a really nice letter. We all sit round in the green room at the studio and call up our fans! Mostly they don’t believe it’s me, so I have to read their letter back to them. One guy sent me a photo of himself and so I wrote back and said that he should send me his phone number!”

One of Kim’s green room pals is her ex-boyfriend, Scott Michaelson, but any arguments or rivalry are definitely well behind them now.

“He lives around the corner from me, and as we both really love shopping for antiques, I sometimes bump into him in the junk shops!”

Kim buys her antiques to fill the flat she shares with co-star Sarah Vandenbergh, who will appear in Neighbours later this year as Lou’s daughter Lauren. “But don’t worry,” says Kim. “We get on much better in real like than we do in the show!”

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated December 1993

Article submitted by Steve


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