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Great Scott! English model lands top job at Ramsay St without help from her lover

The girlfriends of ex-Neighbours hunky heart-throb Scott Michaelson have a habit of turning up on the show that launched his career. But his latest love, the English model Nicola Charles, says that she got the role despite, not because of, her association with the blue-eyed Aussie actor. And she is quite adamant that there is no comparison to his former girlfriend, Kimberley Davies (ex-Annalise). “Kimberley and I have quite different lives. And our characters are also very different,” she says.

On Neighbours, Nicola plays Sarah Beaumont, the devious sister of Catherine (Radha Mitchell). “Look, the only thing that Kimberley and I do have in common is that we both dated Scott. Sure, there were lots of rumours around that I got the job because of my relationship with him. But, hey, I come from London where tabloid journalism was born, so that sort of gossip is like water off a duck’s back. I don’t let it bother me because I know I got the job on my own – with no help from Scott!”

And, although the role was especially written for her (except the part where Sarah nearly marries an aging millionaire for his money), Nicola reiterates that Scott pulled no strings when it came to her scoring the part. “My drama coach suggested I was ready to try to find work. One day I was at home doing nothing and decided I’d go and knock on a few doors. As it happens, Grundy’s was of the first places I visited. I did a screen test and went home and thought nothing else about it. Funnily enough, Scott ran into one of the Neighbours casting directors, Jan Russ, and jokingly said: ‘I hear you screen-tested my girlfriend today. Is she good enough?’ The next day Jan called and offered me the job.”

“Scott and I couldn’t believe it! We were bouncing around on the bed. He thought it was hysterical, but he also warned me about the rumours that would start, concerning me and Kimberley.”

Nicola has signed a two-year contract with Grundy’s and has already applied for residency status here. She has settled in Melbourne with Scott – although he’s in Queensland during the week shooting Flipper, so they only see each other on weekends – and another friend.

And even the possibility that the man she followed to Australia may again be relocated hasn’t fazed this stunning lady. “I know that’s the nature of this industry, but I’m committed to this project. Anyway I don’t think Scott would leave me for very long!”

This article originally appeared in TV Soap magazine, dated August 1996 and was written by Kelli Cambourne

Article submitted by Steve


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