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Reference > Erinsborough News > Jen Makes Her Move!

Philip can’t believe that gorgeous Jen really wants him!

When Cody Willis innocently introduced her university chum Jen to widower Philip Martin, little did she know that she was playing Cupid!

But the romantic arrows hit the spot this month and Jen finally persuades Philip to go out with her. At first it’s an uphill struggle getting paunchy Philip to take her out though, because he can’t believe that this beautiful young woman could possibly be interested in him!

He thinks that Jen simply feels sorry for him because he’s a single dad, so to prove that he doesn’t need her sympathy he begins to play the field. But his string of random dates makes Jen all the more determined to win him around! And as love wins through, Jen and Philip soon embark on a passionate affair.

But for Alyce Platt who plays the love-smitten Jen, kissing Ian Rawlings was just like taking a trip down memory lane! The Aussie actors were co-stars ten years ago in the much-loved soapie saga Sons And Daughters, and Alyce has very fond memories of her last encounter with Ian.

“Ian played Wayne and I played his wife Amanda Morrell,” explains Alyce. “We stayed very good friends for a while after I left Sons And Daughters, but we lost touch when I moved to Melbourne – so it was great to see him again.”

Alyce’s characters in Sons And Daughters was a traditional soap bitch, who mellowed out once she met the right man. And although Jen would be torn to shreds by the likes of Dynasty’s Alexis Colby, Alyce reveals her character on Neighbours is to undergo a personality change – and it’s all thanks to her involvement with single dad Philip!

“Unlike me, Jen is quite an unstable person, but Philip provides the much-needed stability in her life,” explains Alyce. “He’s very different to every other guy she’s ever been out with and that’s part of the attraction for her. It’s very strange that ten years after we went through a rocky relationship storyline in Sons And Daughters, Ian and I get to be a couple again on a different show!” giggles Alyce.

The path of love soon runs smooth and Neighbours fans Down Under are already listening to the sound of wedding bells in Ramsay Street. But Alyce is concerned that in terms of plot, Jen could just simply become Philip’s other half.

“Jen is not really a trailblazer in terms of storylines,” admits Alyce. “And sometimes it feels as if she’s just there for the benefit of Philip and doesn’t have an identity of her own!”

Let’s hope things change for the better soon!

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine

Article submitted by Steve


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