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Out-of-work actress Emma is still dreaming of the big time

Rebel soapie star Emma Harrison has no job, no agent and few friends among her former colleagues on the Neighbours set. However, the blonde beauty hyped as ‘the next Kimberley Davies’ still dreams of hitting the big time in Hollywood.

“Emma seems to think she has the talent to become Marilyn Monroe and Demi Moore rolled into one, and behaves accordingly,” says an industry source who once worked closely with the model-turned-actress. “Her attitude made her pretty unpopular with the Neighbours cast and crew. In fact several of them finally stopped talking to Emma altogether, because things just got so difficult on the Ramsay Street set.”

Soapie producers were also unimpressed when their 22-year-old star became involved in a police chase one night earlier this year, after accepting a lift home with ‘friends of friends’ in a Porsche. Unbeknown to Emma, the two men had been scaring fellow motorists with a fake pistol, and the police were not amused.

Neither were TV bosses, who first told Emma that her character Joanna Hartman was being written out of Neighbours - before having a change of heart and deciding to keep her on. “That was when Emma decided to tell them all where to go,” according to a former friend. “Then she fell out with her agent Stacey Testro, who advised her to be sensible and stay on the show. However, Emma flatly refused and they parted company.”

“Now Emma seems to think she’s heading for a serious film career, although it’s hard to see how that’s going to happen. But perhaps those movie ambitions explain why she was so anxious to get close to Sly Stallone and Charlie Sheen after the recent Planet Hollywood opening in Sydney.”

This article originally appeared in New Idea magazine dated 22nd June 1996 and was written by Jenny Brown

Article submitted by Steve


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