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You’ve heard of love triangles… now here’s TV’s first love quadrangle!

Two broken romances end in smiles rather than tears for four young Ramsay Street residents in Neighbours this week. Breaking up on the Network Ten show are Cody (Amelia Frid) and Josh (Jeremy Angerson), and – after a year of ups and downs – Melissa (Jade Amenta) and Todd (Kristian Schmid). And in an ironic twist, the couples swap partners!

Melissa’s mother bans her from seeing Todd after he and Boof (Stephen Hall) break into a local car-wreckers office, and Melissa finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to Josh. Meanwhile, Cody and Todd are also discovering they really like each other. No one knows how to tell their partners they’ve fallen for someone else, and confusion reigns until the truth comes out.

For actors Amelia, 14, Jeremy, 18, Jade, 15 and Kristian, 15, it’s all a lot of fun. “It’s funny to be swapping partners,” Amelia says. “But I think it’s very cute.” Jeremy adds: “I enjoy the romance storylines. We have a good time.”

The four actors say there’s definitely no romance between the couples in real life, although they all are firm friends. “Most people imagine Kristian and I are really going out together,” Jade says. “In fact, a lot of people think the whole show is true to life – that can be scary.”

Another difficulty is keeping up with school work. Amelia, a year nine student, says: “My teachers are going to give me an ultimatum,” she says. “They don’t think I can keep up.”

Jade, in year 10, says she doesn’t have much trouble because her teachers sometimes make allowances if she can’t finish her homework. But Kristian’s not so lucky. “Mine has to be done every time,” he says. Jeremy is the only one of the four not still at school. He left school at 16 after completing HSC.

This article originally appeared in TV Week magazine dated 26th May 1990 and was written by Caron Eastgate

Article submitted by Steve


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