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Reference > Erinsborough News > I Can't Resist You, Libby!

After fighting his feelings for Libby, Luke finally weakens!

The atmosphere between them is electric, but so far Luke Handley has made sure that he and his neighbour Libby Kennedy don’t set off any sparks! She’s still a schoolgirl and despite obvious advances from Libby, Luke insists he isn’t prepared to be the one to give her lessons in love. But when he agrees to have photographs taken by her for the local newspaper there is a flash of passion and Libby snaps into action. She throws herself at a shocked Luke and he finds that he can resist her charms no longer. Once the affair gets going, Libby falls head over heels in love with her older man. But as twenty-two-year-old Bernard Curry, who plays the handsome Ramsay Street newcomer reveals, the path to true love doesn’t run smoothly at all.

“Libby had her sights set on Luke – she’s fascinated by him, excited by his outspokenness,” he explains. “When they end up kissing one day Luke doesn’t know what to do so he goes along with it, but to be honest I’m not sure that he’s really convinced.”

Libby may be smitten with her older man but her parents are hopping mad with the situation. They are convinced that man of the world Luke is taking advantage of their innocent little girl. And as Bernard reveals, they could be right!

“The relationship doesn’t manage to get very far, that would ruin the peace and harmony of Ramsay Street,” he laughs. “Luke decides to put an end to it because he doesn’t see a future for them, but Libby’s absolutely devastated. I don’t think that they get much further than a kiss,” adds Bernard, who insists that he’s never been a heartbreaker in real life.

“I’ve been going out with my girlfriend, Lucy, for four and a half years, so I guess I escaped all that heartbreaking stuff,” he explains. “But who knows, maybe I will in the future!”

As a one woman man, Bernard doesn’t seem to have embraced a showbiz lifestyle of wining, dining and womanising. And when it comes to his home life, it’s definitely a case of his family coming first.

“I live with my brother Steven which is cool and one of my other brothers, Andrew lives just down the road,” confides Bernard who also has two older siblings, Peter, 24 who is a lawyer and Margaret, 26 who lives in Sydney. “We’re a pretty happy family, although I wish I got to see more of Margaret,” says Bernard who intends to leave the bosom of the Curry family this Christmas and head overseas for a European tour.

“I’m going to France with Lucy and her family, though the two of us will probably go our own way once we get there,” grins Bernard. “Then it’s down to Rome and Florence where we have some friends for a week or so before finishing up in London for the two Christmas weeks and the New Year. I’m sure it’ll be different to our traditional Aussie Christmas – it will be freezing for a start!”

When he’s not learning his lines or hanging out with his four flatmates, Bernard can be found playing in his family band with brother Steven and Andrew.

“We have a regular Tuesday night gig at a pub called The Armadale where we play everything from Crowded House to the Rolling Stones,” says Bernard.

“We’re called Nev’s Vindaloo. It’s a pretty simple name if you think about it. Vindaloo is a type of curry and our father’s name is Nev so it all makes sense,” he laughs.

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated December 1995, and was written by Jason Herbison

Article submitted by Steve


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