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Reference > Erinsborough News > Here Comes Trouble!

Neighbours new boy Dan Falzon is set to cause havoc in Ramsay St

Watch out Ramsay Street, here comes Rick Alessi! This tearaway lad had just been thrown out of his posh exclusive school, and has come to stay in Erinsborough with his older brother Marco and cousin Christina.

Rick is played by 17-year-old Dan Falzon, who relishes the chance to play such a rascal. “This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” he says excitedly. “Neighbours is such a big show and Rick is such a great character.”

Rick comes to Erinsborough with a reputation and a chip on his shoulder. His rebellious nature is largely due to the high expectations his father has for him. Rick has been pushed by his parents to do well at school, aspirations they once had for Marco.

“And although Rick is bright, he just can’t help himself from getting into trouble. Dorothy Burke has met her match in Rick,” Dan promises. “He’s a practical joker with a total dislike for authority.”

He comes across as immature, but the truth is he’s just trying to hide his feelings. However when the chips are down, he will always fight for his family and friends. But that doesn’t mean that he and Marco can get by without a few brotherly spats. “All the cast are really nice and helpful,” says Dan. “And I get on really well with Felice Arena who plays my brother Marco. But I must say I get along with my real life brothers more! Felice and I are very good mates though.”

As well as troubled times ahead for Rick, there’s also the trip of a lifetime when his girlfriend Debbie wins tickets to see Michael Jackson in London. Dan and Marnie Reece-Wilmore (who plays Debbie) had a fantastic time in Britain when they filmed the scenes last summer. “It was my first overseas trip and it really opened my eyes. Getting close to Michael Jackson was sensational!”

Rick’s arrival in Ramsay Street will soon be followed by his mum Cathy (played by Prisoner star Elspeth Ballantyne) and his dad Benito (played by Australian singer George Spartels).

And this Alessi family looks like being more trouble than the last. If Caroline and Christina kept you on the edge of your seat, then these Alessis will keep you glued to the screen! “And that’s a promise!” says Dan.

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine, dated March 1993

Article submitted by Steve


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