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Reference > Erinsborough News > Cheryl’s Twin In Ramsay Street?

Before Caroline Gillmer’s even left Neighbours, there are plans for her return!

With Neighbours’ Cheryl Stark being killed off recently on Aussie screens, it looked like actress Caroline Gillmer had said goodbye to the larger-than-life character forever. But it seems Cheryl could return to our screens in a new show – and, what’s more, a return visit to Neighbours is even on the cards.

Caroline has recently filmed a pilot episode episode of a new sitcom based around Cheryl. And if it’s a success, it could create an opening for Caroline to walk up Ramsay Street again – as Cheryl’s twin!

“The show was originally going to be called In Cheryl’s Arms,” reveals Caroline. “But three days before we went into the studio, we decided to change the name from Cheryl to Carol. Obviously, that was because of the plans to kill off Cheryl in Neighbours, but also because the networks thought the sitcom needed a different-style character to the soap. So it’s now called In Carol’s Arms.”

Caroline is hopeful the show could become a success: “The pilot is outstanding and has been very well received. It’s in the lap of the gods now whether it goes to a series. But so many people such as directors and writers on the show have said to me: ‘Why doesn’t Cheryl have this twin sister called Carol, and then why don’t we have Carol come back into Neighbours?” says Caroline.

However, it looks like this won’t be in the foreseeable future. Caroline is already busy with new work, as well as looking at offers from the UK and the US. But would she be happy to return to Ramsay Street?

“Well, I’ve only just started working on a film, then I’ve got a play coming up, so it won’t be for the moment,” is all she will reveal for now. Well, stranger things have gone on in soap!

This article originally appeared in Inside Soap magazine dated October 1996

Article submitted by Steve


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