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Year by Year > 2002: Episodes 3921-4155

Network Ten airdates: 21/01/2002-13/12/2002

BBC 1 airdates: 15/02/2002-19/02/2003

UKTV Gold airdates: 31/03/2006-12/09/2006

Number of episodes: 235

Regular Cast: Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Toadfish Rebecchi, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Stephanie Scully, Dione Bliss, Darcy Tyler, Stuart Parker

Joining Cast: Taj Coppin, Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Lori Lee, Connor O'Neill, Jack Scully (second casting), Nina Tucker

Departing Cast: Elly Conway, Emily Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Matthew Hancock, Drew Kirk, Tad Reeves, Joel Samuels, Felicity Scully

Notable Guests: Marc Lambert, Chloe Lambert, Penny Watts, Tahnee Coppin, Valda Sheergold, Sindi Watts

At the end of 2001, Libby was left fighting for her life after giving birth and Woody’s return sent shockwaves throughout the Scully family, leading on to a year which would host more break-ups, disaster, a memory loss, the celebration of the 4000th episode and as tragedy befell the Ramsay Street residents...

Libby is revived after her flatlining, and for a short time remains unconscious in hospital. She does wake, however, and they bond with their new baby. Drew decides to make Lou the godfather after his devastating loss of his daughter Louise. They eventually name the baby Ben Kennedy Kirk after long dispute, and bring the baby home to their flat, though having a few problems settling in at first.

Steph is shocked when Woody, trying to win her back, tells her that Mitch was in prison for murder after setting to a factory. Steph was shocked at the news and in a dilemma over what to do, but after witnessing the two have an immature fight over her, decided neither was for her, revealing to Joe that her true love was in fact Drew, although she could not do anything about it.

Elly Conway proves more trouble than she is worth when she defies Susan and Karl’s house rules to sneak out to go clubbing with Michelle and Zack. Still believing that she will only be in Erinsborough for a short amount of time, she is shocked when Michelle tells her she’ll be there for at least six months...

Dione tells her boyfriend Joel that her past relationship with Darcy left her pregnant, which ended with a miscarriage. Joel confronts Darcy, who is shocked and asks Dee about their child and why he was never told. Dee is angry that Darcy knows, and asks who told him. When she learns it was Joel, who she was planning to leave town with, she breaks it off, though he does leave on good terms with her.

Both Evan and Joe decide to run for council in Erinsborough, but it ends with a battle between the two family heads and their opposing views. Evan continues to undermine Joe at council meetings after learning his building project would destroy the nearby Waratah Creek. Joe is distraught when Michelle takes Evan’s side and ruins Joe’s electoral poster. In the end, Evan is elected.

Stuart Parker arrives in Erinsborough from Oakey. He immediately sets his eyes on Felicity Scully and Dee Bliss. He moves in with Libby and Drew at their apartment, but realizes the pressure he is putting on them as they have just brought the baby home and offers to move out, not saying however where he has moved to. He later becomes an item with Dee, but refuses to have a date at his house. It is discovered that Stuart has been sleeping at the garage and Dee offers for him to move into Joel’s old room at Number 30. Their relationship isn’t very stable however and things are worsened when Stuart’s fiancé Tracey Slattery shows up in Erinsborough from Oakey. Stuart confesses he left Oakey and Tracey after he found her and his best friend sleeping together the night before the wedding. She leaves town, and Stuart later realises things between him and Dee aren’t working out and they decide to remain just friends.

Flick remains in a dilemma over what to do with her life, especially uni courses. She tries to get in to a PR course with help by Matt after she fails miserably at hairdressing, and is offered a job as the Populare Grappe girl. After being abused in the job, she discovers she has received a place at a uni, and leaves to board there. However she returns shortly after when she realizes it isn’t for her and gets a job at the Lassiter’s Hotel.

Tad and Harold begin to drift apart as Tad becomes more independent. Harold is mortified when Tad brings a girl, Cherry, home and apparently sleeps with her, and when Harold causes the couple to break up, it makes matters worse. Tad threatens to move out but after the anniversary of Madge’s death comes along the two make up and Tad agrees to stay, but briefly takes a tour around the USA.

Darcy begins a relationship with his and Karl’s receptionist, Serena. Karl suspects that Serena is trying to come onto him, and worried that past might repeat itself he tries to fire her. However Darcy does not stand beside Karl and Serena is kept on. Serena continues to use Darcy to steal prescription pads from him. Drew finds out via his bouncer job at a nightclub, where a man overdoses on drugs that were seemingly prescribed to him by Darcy, and Serena is fired.

Toadie and Maggie join together for jobs at Cox and Associates, which turns out to be a smaller company than either imagined. They continue working there and Toadie discovers he has feelings for Maggie and even considers leaving. He is talked into staying by Maggie who is unaware of the crush. Toadie admits he has feelings for ‘someone at work’ to Dione, but when she tells Maggie they deduce it to Meredith the lunch lady! Toadie does end up telling Maggie the truth, but she doesn’t here him however Matt does, and breaks off their friendship. Maggie is shocked when Toadie admits the truth to her.

Elly fishes for information on her father, Ian Conway, after discovering Karl was doing it himself. She meets up with him at Number 28 one day, but is told that her real father, according to mother Liz, is in fact Karl himself. She tries to put the pieces together and it all makes sense, but she is distraught when told by Karl that he isn’t her father.

Libby and Drew’s new neighbour, Terri Hall, causes Libby's suspicions to rise. Although Drew only ever sees her dressed casually, Libby constantly sees her dressed up, and worries she may be a prostitute. She tries to talk to Terri one day, but is not allowed into the flat. She later follows Terri around town, but there is a terse confrontation. Later, Drew heads down to the garage after suspecting a burglary, and is falsely arrested... by Terri! Her secret is that she is an undercover police officer. She starts to date Darcy, but it does not last long as Darcy, not trusting her, follows her to a nightclub, ruining a police case she is working as part of.

Meanwhile, Marc Lambert, a cocksure wealthy young man, infuriates Steph. They eventually meet up again when they accidentally swap mobile phones, and Steph agrees to go out on a date with him. He is part of the Lambert family who own the Lassiter’s Hotel. Although Steph is stunned, she still continues dating him. Felicity later meets the mystery man, not realising he is Steph’s boyfriend, and takes a shine to him. Flick asks Marc out, but he tells her he already has a girlfriend, though Flick gives him her number in case he leaves her. Both are shocked to meet when Steph invites Marc over for a family dinner, and Felicity apologises to Marc for her flirtatious behaviour. It becomes clearer ain time that Marc and Flick share more in common than they are willing to admit. Both denying their feelings, Marc proposes to Steph who accepts. Steph is devastated when Marc’s mother Chloe Lambert isn’t so happy about the relationship, but she eventually wins her over and everything looks OK. That is until Flick is fired from the hotel. Marc comforts her later on, but it ends in a passionate clinch...

Malcolm Kennedy makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street, claiming that he just wants to see his family again. His true motives become clear when he tries to force Harold into selling the Coffee Shop to the coffee chain Mal works for, Cuppa Diem. Harold refuses and it ends in a bidding war between the two. Mal is told off by his friends and family, especially father, Karl. In the end, Mal looses the job and decides to head back to London, after buying Number 32 from the Hancocks and leaving it in Karl’s care. Jack’s friend from Ireland, Connor O’Neill, shows up unexpectedly, on the Scully’s doorstep, claiming that Jack gave him an invitation. He is allowed to stay at the house, although suspicions are aroused when it appears he has stolen Mal’s suitcase. He fits right in however and starts dating Michelle.

Reverend Rosie Hoyland creates a stir between Harold and Lou after conducting Ben’s Christening. She eventually chooses Lou over Harold and tells a saddened Harold that they can only ever be friends.

Matt purchases a new sports car, much to the horror of Maggie and Evan. He becomes involved in illegal street racing. Leo decides to join in and one day the two are in the car when Matt is distracted and crashes, hitting Harold on the way. The other driver, Glenn Bushby remains in a coma after the accident, while Harold is temporarily blinded. Matt, on the other hand, is more or less unharmed, but police constable Terri Hall gives him the news that he may be charged with manslaughter if Glenn does not survive. On the same day, Maggie and Toadie also give in to temptation and share a kiss, but she later tells him she cannot act further with her feelings, as she cannot betray her family. Matt panics and runs away from hospital, helped by Leo. When Matt is found hiding out, he is made to appear in court and Maggie and Evan realize they will have to sell the house in order to pay for Matt’s QC.

The Hancock family is torn apart when Emily innocently reads a letter from Toadie proclaiming his love for Maggie in front of the family. Evan immediately assumes Maggie has had an affair although she tries to persuade him otherwise. The two argue at length, and it isn’t until Leo and Emily voice their concerns over their parents divorcing that Maggie and Evan decide to give it another shot, and leave as an apparently happy family to live in Albury.

Flick is ridden with guilt after her kiss with Marc. She tries to tell Steph about it but never finds the right moment. Overcome with guilt, she even suffers a panic attack. She and Marc keep the secret to themselves, but things are worsened when Steph discovers she is pregnant. In episode 4000, Flick heads off for a walk by her own to clear her mind, but is shocked to find Rosie’s church up in flames... with Rosie and Lou inside. She rescues the two, and later tells Marc she is in love with him and thinks he loves her too. Flick also confides her secret to Stuart Parker. Her mother Lyn senses that Flick is jealous over Marc and Steph’s relationship and tells her to drop it because she doesn’t want anything to ruin Steph’s happiness. The day of the wedding eventually shows up, and Steph realises her pregnancy was a false alarm. Steph and Marc seem to be destined for a happy future, up until Marc stops halfway through his vows admitting he can’t marry Steph. Steph questions him over what happened, and when he glances at Flick she immediately realises. After a massive fight in the street, Steph is devastated at her sister ruining her life, and Flick runs away to Sydney followed by Marc and Stuart, who continue to vie for Flick’s acceptance. Flick is stunned to learn she is living Steph’s honeymoon with Marc and rushes back home.

Lyn’s aunt, Valda Sheergold, shows up out of the blue. Susan and Karl offer to take her in at their home, but after she causes more trouble for the pair she moves into Number 24 with Harold. She pursues Harold for a time until, after getting the wrong idea from Rosie, believes he is gay. Harold is shocked and figures there is only one way he can prove his sexuality, and kisses her. She takes it the wrong way thinking he is interested in her, but when Valda learns that a collection of old stamps she has makes her rich, she sails off on a cruise ship.

Rosie’s grandchildren gradually make their presence felt, 10 year old Summer Hoyland and 14 year old Boyd. Summer immediately makes her mark on the street by scamming everyone out of their money in various ways, and accidentally telling Harold about Rosie’s relationship with Lou. Boyd on the other hand, isn’t as outgoing. He had been moved up into grade ten in an accelerated learning project, but when he started fooling around in class to impress the older kids Susan doubted if he was mature enough to be in the class. Rosie convinced Susan to reconsider and Libby helped Boyd with some tutoring.

Tad has trouble with the law when he gets a call from his car loan company, except Tad claims he does not have a car loan as he doesn’t even have a car. As he is inundated by repossession demands, Tad starts to become suspicious. Although the culprit is caught, Tad has more troubles later on when his passport goes missing, and although he searches everywhere for it, its whereabouts remain a mystery. Tad believes Connor had stolen the passport and confronts him over it, and Connor is forced to prove himself innocent by admitting to Tad that he is illiterate. It later turns out that Doula Tsobanopoulos, the manager of Tad’s old nightclub, who is scheming him. She returns the passport by breaking into Number 24, but when Tad finds out who it was he chases after the two. Next thing we know, Harold gets a phone call saying that Tad has been involved in a car accident. At the hospital, Dee tells Harold that she has heard Tad has passed away. Harold has to identify the body, but it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity as the other man had Tad’s ID. Tad later leaves for the USA for the Extreme Games tour.

Flick returns home trying to seek acceptance from her family, but she is rejected by Joe and disowned as a sister by Steph, who sarcastically give Flick her wedding ring. Flick is devastated and moves out into the flat previously owned by Libby and Drew (who moved into Number 22 when Lou moved into Number 24). Marc and Felicity continue their relationship even though it is widely disapproved of. When Marc visits Lyn to ask for Flick, Steph walks in and gives Marc a slap along with the address. When Stuart punches Marc, he is charged with assault, but Flick forces him to drop the charges. Steph is able to build up the courage, thanks to Rosie, to have a talk with Marc to settle their differences - Steph says the next time she sees him she won’t make a big deal but refuses to be his friend. When Steph’s birthday comes around, she is happy to have all her friends surrounding her but Flick isn’t so happy when she overhears Steph speaking ill of her. She gives Steph a gift that only dampens Steph’s mood, as she is still not ready to forgive Flick. Felicity is oblivious to the fact that Stuart’s feelings for her are starting to resurface, so he decides to leave Erinsborough and join the army. Her heart gets the better of her and she struggles with her feelings between Marc and Stuart, and tries to catch Stu before he leaves, but misses him. When Michelle’s 16th birthday comes along, Flick decides enough is enough and decides to drop Marc, but he takes the news badly and drives off with her. When she does get out, she arrives late at Michelle’s birthday, and Steph finds it increasingly difficult to play happy families. Flick is happy when Stuart returns from the army and Marc leaves for London. After Steph continues to be remote, Flick decides to leave Erinsborough for a while to visit Tad in Seattle, USA, which leaves Lyn blaming Steph.

Rosie starts a Men Of Erinsborough calendar, as a fundraiser for the gutted church. When Stuart and Connor pose at the school, Tahnee Coppin tells the class she has set her sights on Connor, which shocks Michelle. Michelle tries to tell her that she is Connor’s girlfriend but Tahnee believes she is better suited for Connor and pursues him. She also has a little secret of her own, being the star singer in the choir. When Nina questions her over it she is told to not tell anyone.

Tahnee finds out about Connor’s illiteracy, and blackmails him and even gets a kiss from him, while pretending to be Michelle’s friend at the same time. Connor eventually gets sick of Tahnee’s scheming and plans to tell Michelle. Tahnee realises, however, just how much of a friend Michelle has become to her and realises she should have the decency to tell her herself, and when she does Michelle breaks off their friendship.

While alone at home one day, Susan spills milk on the floor, and in a rush to answer the phone she slips over and hits her head, leaving her unconscious. She is found later and seems fine, but the next morning she is completely delirious and confused as to where she is. After Summer alerts Steph, who in turn calls Karl, Susan is taken to the hospital where she is diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, having lost 30 years of her memory. It takes her quite some time to accept the situation, and that she is married with three children, eventually moving into Lassiter’s. She also briefly runs away to visit high school boyfriend Craig, who brings her back home. After weeks of neglecting Karl and refusing to accept their relationship, she eventually begins to warm to him.

When Summer witnesses Audrey nearly being run over, she faints in the middle of the street. She begins to milk her fainting spells as much as possible, but Karl suspects she may have narcolepsy or even epilepsy. When diagnosed, it is discovered Summer has Long TQ syndrome, which was the cause of her mother’s death.

After Michelle ends up in hospital due to a drink Connor made accidentally with floor cleaner, having been unable to read the label. Connor tells her he can’t read and runs away. Michelle searches for days trying to find him, and gets the idea to send him a tape saying how she loves him, which brings him home. Michelle tries to teach Connor how to read but it ends only in arguments, so Michelle enlists Libby to help.

Darcy knew that it was unethical to see a patient, but is unable to deny the growing attraction between himself and Penny Watts, a new assistant in the Coffee Shop. As the two of them begin to flirt more and more, Dee throws a spanner in the works by revealing that Penny was a friend of Tess. Darcy is angry and decides to forget about Penny, but for once, Darcy is the one being pursued. He begins to give in, and the two start seeing each other. When Sindi, Penny’s sister, flirts with Darcy at the pub, Penny is heartbroken, and when Karl finds out and tells the medical practitioners board, Penny files a complaint against Darcy, leaving him needing a female chaperone on any female patients.

Karl and Susan begin to become friends again, and Susan even has a few flashbacks signifying her gradual memory return. However, while at dinner with Karl and the Scully family, she suddenly recalls slapping Karl after discovering his affair in 1998. She confronts him about it later, and she is shocked to learn the truth, feeling upset that the family are keeping things from her. She confides in many residents, and finally decides to settle for divorce from Karl.

Steph is shocked when Mitch Foster makes a return to Erinsborough seeking sanctuary. He is hospitalised after an accident, but flees as he is involved in a recent robbery. When Libby tips the police about Mitch, he believes Steph has done it and robs Moco. Meanwhile, Steph receives a motorbike from an unknown benefactor, making the police suspect she was part of the robbery. She is placed in jail overnight before Stuart helps Steph catch Mitch and he is arrested.

Flick returns from the States hoping that Steph’s feelings have softened. When Steph subtly tries to turn the other residents against her, Flick confronts her, saying she refuses to leave. Lyn is shocked when Joe tells her he wants to try for another baby, and although both have reservations at first, they become used to the idea and decide to tell the kids. Michelle is disgusted at the idea, although Flick is quite happy with it. She helps change Michelle’s mind by saying that being a big sister is a really cool thing, as she looked up to Steph a lot in her childhood and Michelle could be a role model. Steph overhears her say this, and decides the time has come to forgive her sister.

Summer and Boyd’s father, Max Hoyland, arrives in Erinsborough after serving on oil rigs for years in the Timor Gap. Rosie is stunned at her son’s return, and forces him to stay and look after his children instead of neglecting them again, so he moves the family into the old Hancock place, Number 32.

Drew’s father, Ron, makes an offer for Drew and Libby to move up to Oakey to start a new life around the business Kirk and Sons. When they realize Ron has heart problems, they start to consider, and even more so when he offers them a house. The couple finally accepts Ron’s offer and decide to leave Erinsborough. Tragedy strikes the next morning, however, when Drew’s horse throws him off, leaving Drew in hospital. Libby’s friends and family fly up to support her, and Libby is devastated when Drew dies, and he is buried in Oakey shortly afterwards. Libby has a tough time coping, but is able to with the help of her mother living with her and a talk from Summer Hoyland.

Tahnee and Michelle are paired together in a school project at the hospital. When Tahnee leaves early to visit her sick grandfather, Michelle believes she is making it up for sympathy but Karl proves her wrong, leaving her to apologise. When she does, she is told by Tahnee that she was the best friend she had ever had. Michelle decides to forgive Tahnee, but naturally Connor takes a while to warm to the idea. Nina is unaware of Tahnee’s prior mayhems, and when asked who she likes, she admits to Tahnee she has a crush on Connor. Tahnee takes the situation to her advantage, turning against her and acting shocked at what Nina has just told her.

Darcy starts up a friendship with Chloe Lambert, much to the pleasure of the busybodies in the street. Although he claims they are only friends, they attend more and more gatherings together, especially after Chloe learns she and John will be divorcing. While over at Chloe’s house one night, Darcy meets her daughter Jordan, who takes an instant dislike to the relationship. That same night, Chloe and Darcy are tied up and robbed, where they admit their feelings for one another.

Susan and Karl call off their divorce, and she eventually moves back into Number 28 along with Libby too. It takes a while for Karl and Susan to get back together but she eventually becomes romantically involved with him after a while.

Stuart and Flick admit their feelings for one another after being lost out in the middle of nowhere. They ask Steph for her blessing, which she gives. Only months later, tragedy strikes as Stuart and Flick drive in the country. As a recent learner, Flick accidentally loses control of her van and ends up on the edge of a cliff. She manages to escape, but in doing so the van tumbles down the cliff with Stuart inside. Flick rushes down to save Stuart, and they are lost in the bush for days before being rescued.

Michelle decides to apply for a school exchange program, to live in New York for one year. Tahnee and Nina also apply, but Tahnee blackmails Nina into dropping out with her knowledge of Nina’s crush. Michelle and Tahnee get through to the final round, but Tahnee continues to humiliate and separate Nina from the group. Nina, deciding that the blackmail must stop, confronts Tahnee. Tahnee says that she was just helping Nina, and the two are forced to reconcile by Connor and Michelle. That night, Nina records a song that she had been working on for a very long time - Born to Try. Connor overhears her, and convinces her to give him the tape. He then enters the tape into the UniFM talent contest, against Nina’s wishes, trying to make her realize how talented she is. Although Nina is furious at first, she is delighted when her song wins the contest, but is too nervous to claim it as her own, so Tahnee does exactly that. Connor eventually gets Nina to say the song is hers, just as Tahnee was doing so. Tahnee is very annoyed, and reveals that Nina loves Connor, and Connor loses Michelle’s trust who breaks up with him. Tahnee is delighted, and leaves for New York for her scholarship, with Michelle to leave shortly after. Connor and Michelle get back together after Nina promises she wasn’t planning to do anything.

When Dee nurses her sick grandmother in Tasmania, Angie and Big Kev, Toadie’s parents, return to Erinsborough to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but it soon becomes clear that their marriage is not as rosy as the couple make out. They constantly argue, but soon make up when Angie wins the lottery. Kev steals the ticket and runs away, leaving a furious Angie who eventually forgives Kev on his return with the money, after a pang of conscience. She gleefully takes the ticket herself, but again returns. Kev believes she wouldn’t have spent any of the money without her, but she admits she spent all of it and loved every moment of it. Kev is shocked and angry, but Angie shows him she has bought a camper van and they decide to follow their dream of traveling around Australia.

After Harold realises he has no chance with Rosie, he decides he must move on and decides to join a dating agency, eventually getting a date with Dorothy Stevens. Although it is a failure, he does meet another woman, Ruby Dwyer, and discovers they have a lot in common. Ironically, as he is getting involved with another woman, he doesn't realise that Rosie’s concurrent break-up with Lou is actually because she has strong feelings for Harold...

Nina starts to get strange messages on her mobile phone from a secret admirer. She immediately believes it is Taj Coppin and takes a liking to him. It turns out he is Tahnee’s brother, but Nina still asks him if he sent the messages and he denies it. After going on a date though, he admits he was the one who sent the texts.

Michelle becomes increasingly nervous about her upcoming New York trip. She struggles to tell her parents about it, having worked so hard to get them to agree to it. The day she plans to tell them, she is presented with her airline ticket, and decides not to. To calm her fears, Flick decides to go with Michelle to America. On Michelle’s last night in the country, her brother Jack returns from England, but the morning Michelle is scheduled to leave she gets a call from the exchange program manager, and is told the trip is off.

Steph and Max constantly argue over Max’s daughter, Summer, and her upbringing. Libby is the first to spot that Steph may be hiding feelings for Max, but Steph denies it emphatically. They find common ground, however, when Summer takes a shine to Steph, and asks her to be her mother in the mother-daughter fashion parade. When Boyd fears Steph is taking over his mother’s life, he tells Steph that Max is only interested in her as a friend.

Lou’s cough continues to get worse and worse, and he eventually collapses to the floor at Number 22. When taken to hospital it is discovered he has a very serious kidney failure, with only five percent of his kidney function remaining, and he is left in a possibly life-threatening situation.

Jack’s girlfriend, Lori Lee, shows up on the Scully’s doorstep out of the blue looking for Jack. Along the way, she accidentally lets slip Jack’s secret, that he has quit soccer for good, and that he has been living in New Zealand for some time with her. Joe and Lyn are shocked, but are more than willing to have Jack and Lori move into their house once the young couple change their minds about living in New Zealand.

During Dee’s absense in Tasmania, a brilliant new surgeon arrives at Erinsborough Hospital, Mr. Martin Cook, to start a new training course for the nurses and doctors. Sheena soon realizes that “Cookie” has a non-ethical interest in women, after he makes a pass at her. When Dee returns and enrolls on the course, she is warned by Sheena to be careful. Dee is oblivious to Cookie’s lust and is horrified when he kisses her. After a slap, Dee threatens Cookie with a court case.

As Flick prepares to leave Erinsborough, Stuart grows more and more infatuated with her. The day before she leaves, Stuart proposes to her at Lassiter’s Lake, and she accepts. She leaves the next day, although there is drama after she leaves the engagement ring at home. Stuart fetches it in the nick of time and she leaves, to start her new life in New York.

Chloe’s daughter Jordan takes an instant dislike to her mother’s relationship with Darcy Tyler. She tries everything she can to break them up, including paying someone to attack Darcy. It backfires, however, when Darcy ends up in hospital. Darcy and Chloe discover this and Jordan realises how strong the relationship between them is.

Darcy helps Dee get justice with Cookie after taping him make an admission to kissing Dee. Although Dee is uneasy about it in the beginning, she is flattered to see Darcy helping out and happy when Cookie is moved to another hospital. Chloe sees through Darcy though, realising he has stronger feelings for Dee than he will admit, and decides to break off their relationship.

Rosie begins to have suspicions of Ruby’s sincerity, convinced that Ruby has robbed Harold. Harold is angry at Rosie’s, but she continues to be suspicious when Ruby is given $2000 for Harold for her son. When the son rings up thanking Harold for the $1500, Ruby claims that she gave $500 to another son.

The teens go down to the beach for a week as their holidays arrive, but shortly before leaving Michelle gets a call from Tahnee, who tells her Taj has a girlfriend. Michelle tells Nina, who in turn asks Taj what is going on. Taj explains that his girlfriend, Allie, moved away from Erinsborough a while ago, leading to them breaking up. Placated, Nina's faith is restored.

Karl proposes to Susan, who accepts and enlists the help of Gino to organise the ceremony. His plans become too extravagant, though, and they decide to settle for a wedding at Lassiter’s. At Number 28, the girls have a hen’s night where Susan gets her gifts, but is horrified when she forgets what her vows are. Meanwhile, at Number 26, Karl also forgets his vows but doesn’t get any help from the tipsy men around him. On the day however, it all seems to be going fine until, half way through her vows, Susan pauses, and suddenly starts a new speech, the original vows from her first wedding, signifying the return of her memory.

Joe is shocked when he discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bin at Number 26 after Karl’s buck’s night. He immediately suspects Michelle, although when he confronts her and Connor about it at Susan and Karl’s wedding, Lyn corrects Joe and says it was her who took the test... she’s pregnant!

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Production Notes
• The 2002 season introduced a new acoustic version of the Neighbours theme tune, produced by Steve Wade, featuring lead vocals by Janine Maunder. The accompanying new title sequence graphics were less successful, and from episode 4001 were replaced with a revamp of the 2000-2001 title design.
• In June 2002, Madeleine West was hit by a bus during a personal appearance, sustaining serious injuries. During a month-long recuperation period, three past characters were revived to cover her absences: Angie and Big Kev Rebecchi and Sheena Wilson.

Review by Joe

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