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Marcus 'Marc' Mario Lambert 2002
Parents: John and Chloe Lambert
Siblings: Jacinta, James, Jordan
Occupation: Assistant Manager of Lassiter's hotel

Brought up in the wealthy Lambert clan, Marc had to work for very little in his life. Nonetheless, when they took over Lassiter’s hotel in Erinsborough, he quickly took on the job of assistant manager. During his first days in the job, he began scouting local businesses to see where they could work in partnership. One face that he kept seeing was that of Steph Scully. The couple quickly got on each other’s nerves, with Steph parking her bike in Marc’s parking space and then accusing him of following her. When she found out the truth, she agreed to start afresh with him. They went on a date together, then he took her away with him on a business trip to Hong Kong. Soon enough, the pair were in love and he suddenly proposed. Steph, swept away in the romance of the situation, especially after her messy relationship with Woody, accepted. Soon after, he introduced the Scullys to his parents, John and Chloe, who immediately took a dislike to Steph and vowed to stop the engagement.

Meanwhile, Marc had also been getting close to Steph’s younger sister, Flick, who had been working at Lassiter’s. Though Marc knew who he was befriending, Flick still hadn’t met her sister’s new man, simply due to them always being in different places at different times. When Flick finally ‘met’ Marc, she was devastated as she had started to develop feelings for him and, against their better judgement, the pair ended up sharing a kiss. Desperate not to wreck her sister’s happiness, Flick started avoiding spending time with Marc. He, however, knew that what he felt for Flick was stronger than what he felt for his fiancee. Then, only weeks before the wedding, Flick poured out her guilt to Marc, telling him that she was in love with him.

Flick tried desperately to escape the situation, even making plans to leave before the wedding. But Lyn convinced her to stay, warning her not to ruin her sister’s happiness. When Steph announced that she was pregnant, Marc realised that he had no choice but to stand by her, and he rejected Flick outright. However, shortly before the ceremony, Marc and Steph learnt that the pregnancy had been a false alarm and he began to rethink his decision. Unfortunately, his hesitation during the wedding and a glance in the direction of Flick meant that Steph didn’t even need to be told the truth. After the shocking fall-out, Flick fled to Sydney, where Marc, along with Flick’s best mate, Stuart Parker, followed. When Marc tracked Flick down, he tried to sway her with a holiday and car, but she quickly realised that all this had been part of the honeymoon and she told Marc to get lost.

Back in Erinsborough, Flick realised she couldn’t live at home anymore and so she took over Drew and Libby’s old flat. Marc, meanwhile, tried to speak to Steph, but she simply threw his ring back at him and told him she never wanted to see him again. When Marc tracked Flick down, much to the disgust of Stuart, he managed to convince her that they had something worth salvaging and they decided to give a relationship a go. However, realising how difficult this relationship would be, especially since it would mean losing the respect of her friends and family, she started to back away. Marc was unsettled by this and tried to talk her into staying with him. When she ended things, he even locked her in his car, in the hope that he could talk her round. However, realising that things were over and his desperation wouldn’t change anything, Marc decided to cut his losses and left for London.

Trivia Notes
• Marc and Tim Collins are cousins and Tim was Marc's best man at his wedding to Steph

Magic Moments
Episode 4007: Marc and Stephanie’s Wedding: Part One
Episode 4008: Marc and Stephanie’s Wedding: Part Two

Biography by Steve



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