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Chloe Lambert 2002
Marital Status: John Lambert
Children: Jacinta, James, Marc, Jordan
Occupation: Owner and manager of Lassiter's hotel

When Stephanie Scully became involved with Marc Lambert, she also found herself having to answer to his acerbic mother, Chloe. Though married to John, it was obvious that Chloe was the one running the show, as she kept everyone at Lassiter’s hotel, which the couple had taken over in 2002, in line.

During the first meeting between the Lamberts and Steph’s parents, Joe and Lyn, the differences between the status became obvious. Things went rapidly downhill when the revelation that the couple were engaged, something Marc had lacked to tell them, came out during the evening. Chloe immediately vowed that her son would not be marrying a Scully. Though Steph tried to make an effort with her future mother-in-law, it soon became clear that it would be a huge battle to win her over. When Steph finally came out with the truth, that she felt Chloe didn’t think she was good enough, Chloe was impressed with her bravery. With Steph’s sister, Flick, working at the hotel, it became clear to Chloe that she wasn’t going to be seeing the back of the Scully family any time soon.

However, shortly before the wedding, Chloe visited Steph to explain the real reason for her concerns. She simply felt that Marc wasn’t mature enough to enter into a marriage and was only going through with the whole thing to spite his parents. It seemed that Chloe had been right, at least in part, as the wedding came to an abrupt halt midway through the ceremony. Marc revealed that he couldn’t marry Steph and it later became clear that he was actually in love with Flick. Chloe passed out at this revelation and later, after Marc had attempted to form a relationship with Flick, she sent her son off to London, to escape the whole mess.

Over the following months, Chloe kept a low profile with the locals. When Flick returned to town after a spell travelling in the USA, she was surprised to find that Chloe was willing to rehire to work on reception at the hotel. Chloe explained that she admired the guts Flick had shown in returning and facing her problems rather than running away. Meanwhile, Chloe’s marriage was in trouble and she found comfort in the company of Dr. Darcy Tyler. When she had an asthma attack in the grounds of Lassiter’s, he helped her and she asked him out as a thank-you. He accompanied her to a showing of ‘The Graduate’, little realising the implications of seeing such a play. Tongues immediately began to wag over this unusual pairing and when Chloe then gave Darcy an expensive watch as a gift, he began to become paranoid. Chloe also revealed that John had asked her for a divorce, leaving him wondering about her true motives for offering her friendship.

Staying at the Lambert mansion alone, and fearing there was a prowler on the loose after a break-in, Chloe asked Darcy to stay the night, though in separate rooms. The following morning, Chloe’s youngest daughter, Jordan, came home from boarding school and was shocked to find this man staying with her mother. Meanwhile, the burglars returned and Darcy and Chloe found themselves spending the night tied up together, with plenty of time to reflect on their feelings, until the maid arrived in the morning to help them. As things between Chloe and Darcy moved on and they slept together, all the while concerned about their relationship becoming public knowledge, Jordan vowed that she would get rid of her mother’s new man. After engineering things so that she and Darcy spent the evening together, she ran crying to her mum, claiming Darcy made a move on her. Chloe wasn’t sure who to believe, though she found it difficult to accuse her daughter on lying. When Darcy was attacked in Lassiter’s car park a few days later, Jordan was forced to reveal that she made up the whole thing and arranged for Darcy to be beaten up. Though things finally seemed to be working out for the couple, there was one final hurdle that was just too big. When Chloe saw Darcy with baby Ben at his birthday party, she realised that he’d make a great father, but that she’d never be able to provide him with a family. In her usual, business-like style, Chloe ended the relationship and Darcy moved his attentions back to one of his former flames, Dee Bliss.

Notes: Stephanie Daniel also played Dr. Lockyer in 1985 and Ruth Wilson, an English lady-friend of Jim Robinson during the 1986 season of the show.

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