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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4873
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 14/12/05 BBC One: 09/03/06

Episode Title: Shiv And Let Die

• Dylan warns Stingray not to foil Stuart’s strategy, later forced to stop an argument between him and Roo from starting
• Connor tells Toadie that their lives are set in two different directions and says that he is not alone, obviously referring to Harold, which unnerves Toadie
• Stuart secretly tapes a police wire to his chest. Roo later orders him to take his top off to ensure that he is not working against him

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell: With Stuart surrounded by his cronies, Roo again tells him threateningly to remove his top. Accusing Roo of fancying him, Stuart begrudgingly obliges to reveal that the wire has been removed, and Roo orders the others to search from behind. Finding nothing, he gives up and Stuart ends their agreement to beat Stingray. Threatening to have Stuart beaten if he refuses again, Roo leaves to bring Stingray in - he and Stuart leering at each other - with the others staying keep an eye on Stuart.

Scarlet Bar: Toadie and Ned enter, Toadie explaining that he needs Stuart at home to help sort the bills. With both of them thinking that he is visiting Sindi, Toadie tells Ned that he called the clinic to find that Stuart was not there, frustrated at him for lying. Beginning a game of pool, they agree that he behaving strangely when they last saw him, Toadie noticing Ned’s preoccupation as he defends Stuart. He gathers that something happened with Elle and praises Ned, going on a rant before unhelpfully suggesting ideas for her Christmas gift.

The General Store: Karl enters to find Susan buying groceries, she thanking Harold for his sympathies. Looking distant, she realises that she has forgotten her money and apologises as Karl, overhearing, offers to pay for her. As she worries that she did not buy enough, Karl orders strong tea from Harold and leads Susan to sit down. Connor enters from the kitchen, expressing compassion for Susan before Harold asks if the food is prepared for the Christmas lunch held for the homeless. As Connor leaves to get things ready, Harold looks up solemnly.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living room: Watched gloomily by Janae, Kim bounces a bowl of the counter and is amazed at how it does not break. As he says that Janelle will be horrified to learn so when she throws one at him, Janae asks why the pair of them have to fight so much. He says that they are putting it behind them, Janae remaining unconvinced, and says that they have to be strong with the boys in prison. Janae asks how he can be so confident that they will be released on appeal and he explains that he is putting all his money into it. He asks what she plans to get Boyd as a present and she answers that she has barely any money, so Kim suggests that she do something special that does not require money. Watching her, he sees how much Janae cares and she tells him that she loves Boyd. At this Kim leads her to the front door, with an idea for the perfect gift.

The General Store: With prompting from Karl, Susan explains that Katya is looking after Rachel and Zeke and admits that she does not know what they are going through, only that Zeke has stopped talking. She is adamant that she will help them all through it and Karl invites them to visit Libby and Darren with him. Still flustered, she briefly agrees that he should tell Libby this, before leaving quickly and leaving Karl saddened.

Warrinor Prison - Corridor: Stingray and Dylan walk together, Stingray anxious about Stuart’s plan and Dylan telling him not to use Stuart’s real name. They sit down, Dylan cautious of Stuart getting caught out by Roo and killed for it, placing them in more danger. Roo approaches them, telling them to come to his cell and meet “Mick” so as to know who people are and establish some trust. Irritated, Dylan tells him to say what he really means and Roo subtly hints that the boys will all get along like old friends. More of his cronies grab Dylan and Stingray from behind and lead them away after Roo.

Scarlet Bar: Connor watches, alone, from a table as Toadie chooses a bottle of wine from the rack and tells Ned that it will come in useful for having visitors. Ignoring Connor, who looks left out, they discuss festive ideas to celebrate. Toadie talks loudly for Connor to hear as he tells Ned about last year’s success and insults Connor’s changeover, and inability to move on. Ned leaves to talk to Connor, explaining that he will be going home to Oakey for Christmas, shaking hands and wishing him happy holidays. As Ned prepares to invite Connor to Toadie’s, Toadie deliberately calls him back to the bar. Left alone again, Connor mutters that he wishes things could be the way they were.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell: Roo and his friends lead Stingray and Dylan inside, where Stuart is still waiting. Roo explains to Dylan that “Mick” will take care of Stingray in order to earn Roo’s trust. Held back, Dylan protests that Stingray be left out of it when Roo takes him aside and tells the others to start on Stingray, Stuart staring at Stingray expressionlessly.

Park: Kim and Janae crawl through the grass looking for something, Janae complaining that “they” do not exist. When Kim asks, she explains that she will not be visiting the prison with him and Janelle and asks Kim to tell the boys that she wants them home. Kim agrees that it can be tough to be strong at times, especially in the Timmins family; he compliments her strong will and looking after the others and she tells him not to get soft. Toadie and Ned pass with crates of beer, asking what is going on. They explain that it is a present for Boyd when Janae finds one and Kim praises her; Toadie remains convinced that they are looking for grass.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell: Surrounded and with Dylan held back, Stingray winces as Stuart makes to punch him before stopping and telling Roo that he will not be pushed around. Roo again threatens to have him killed, moving in on him and revealing that he knows Stuart from seeing him in Colac previously before coming to Warrinor undercover and lying about his identity, he and Stuart staring each other down. A bell is rung for lockdown and Roo explains that he had it arranged to create a diversion. Dylan finally pushes away his captor, allowing a distraction for Stingray to do the same. Shouting at Stuart to get him out, Dylan pounces on Roo - the only remaining inmate - who pins him against the wall as the cell door closes them in.

Ramsay Street: With a banner advertising a barbeque and free beer, Toadie and Ned patrol the street in Santa hats, singing as Harold and Connor prepare to leave for their goodwill dinner. Toadie invites Harold for a drink and then asks Connor when Harold refuses. Connor is interested, imagining Toadie manically squirting ketchup on a hotdog, when Harold calls him back and Toadie asks if he is alright. Coming out of his daze, Connor gets steered back to the car by Harold to pack up, wistfully glancing back. As the car leaves, Toadie tells Ned that they are winning against Harold and they continue singing.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell/Office: Roo stands with his back to Dylan, expressing his anger and want for revenge after Dylan set him up…In the office Stuart and Stingray, with the prison officers and two policemen, listen to a corresponding recorder connected to a stereo in the cell…Dylan admits to Roo that there would have been a better way to solve things, like starting a new life the way Dylan - and Paul Robinson - did…In the office, Stingray pleads for Stuart to get Dylan out, Stuart shushing him…Roo, pretending, claps for Dylan, saying he will now be shown what really happens in the end.

No 26 - Living room/Kitchen: Kim and Janae return, talking about the jeweller giving them a ring box for free. Kim tells Janae to put the present inside, assuring her that Boyd will like it. Kim calls the prison to confirm his and Janelle’s visit when Janae asks how it feels to have children in prison; he explains that he regrets failing them every day. Toadie and Ned rush in with food, which Kim accepts and Janae refuses. Kim shouts out as the call is cut off, telling them that a riot has broken out at Warrinor.

Warrinor Prison - Stuart and Roo's cell/Office: Holding a knife, Roo explains how he came to Erinsborough to find Dylan with his whole life reformed. With the others listening he tells how he was jealous and wanted to do it for himself when Dylan set him up. Dylan has no sympathy, saying that Roo has not got what it takes to turn himself around, choosing to set Dylan up for the robbery instead…In the office Stingray and the others listen as Roo states that he did it all for revenge on his so-called best friend…As Stingray remains anxious that Dylan is playing with fire, Stuart tells him that Dylan knows about the bugging…Roo continues to taunt Dylan about laying the evidence and making a deal with Paul, thinking he is backing Dylan into a corner and asks what he is going to do now. Dylan tells Roo that he does not need to get a life sentence over nothing and that he should put the knife away…Stingray again pleads with Stuart to get him out and Stuart sends the officers and policemen in, Stingray looking stressed out as he waits.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Smith, Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Connor O’Neill, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stuart Parker, Harold Bishop

Guest Cast: Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Brett Swain as Kim Timmins, Richard Cawthorne as Reuben “Roo” Hausman

Trivia Notes
• Ned mentions Toadie keeping a self-help book, used for tendencies of obsession
• Toadie suggests Ned write Elle a song or limerick for Christmas, explaining that a large gift suggests neediness. He suggests buying her an engagement ring, something Stuart would do, and calling Stuart a “serial proposer"
• Connor makes pies for the homeless Christmas lunch
• Janae has $9 in change left to buy Boyd a present
• Karl invites Susan and the kids to Shepperton with him to visit Libby and Darren for the holidays
• Toadie suggests celebrating the holidays with carols and beer, a barbeque and nude running
• Ned will be returning to Oakey for Christmas. Connor’s parents are visiting Lori’s family in New Zealand
• Kim and Janelle plan to visit Stingray and Dylan in prison with presents. Dylan called the house and told Janae and Bree not to come along
• Ned and Toadie sing to the tune of Jingle Bells

Summary by Brendan