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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5383
Written by Drew Tingwell, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/02/08 Five: 25/04/08

• Carmella is shocked to learn that Marco is permanently moving to Perth
• Elle decides to cover an article on Rachel and Angus’ affair, despite Riley’s warnings of the personal implications
• Rachel fawns over a bracelet that Angus gives to her
• Rachel storms out of a conversation with Susan, certain that Susan does not want her to be happy
• Under Susan’s warning, Angus breaks up with Rachel and tells her that she was just a conquest

Angus' Apartment - Living room: Crying to Angus, Rachel claims that they still have a chance, until he says that the relationship was never meaningful. He says that he does not love her and tells her to grow up, causing her to tearfully run from the flat.

No 28 - Dining table: Libby brings Susan a sandwich, telling her not to beat herself up, as she said to Rachel what she needed to. Libby then advises her to have a calm, civilised talk when Rachel comes out of her room, when Karl hurries in to explain that she is gone. Karl and Susan immediately leave for Angus’, while Libby calls Dan to meet them there.

No 26 - Kitchen/living room: Steve gets off the phone to Miranda and joins Ned and Riley at the table. Mickey and Ben listen from the living room as Steve and Riley give Ned their contrasting opinions on making amends with Janae. Mickey tells Ben that they have to do something to make Janae come home, and gets and idea.

No 32 - Porch/living room: Mickey holds Ben up to knock on the door, telling him to let him to the talking. As Steph answers, Mickey explains that Janae sent them over. Inside, Mickey explains to Steph and Valda that Janae wants them to bring her luggage home to move back in. As Ben hesitates to agree Steph and Valda glance at each other, catching on. Valda then brings the boys into the kitchen for snacks, while Steph mutters that she will call Janae.

Carmella's Apartment - Living room: Oliver is practising fathering techniques with a doll and bath equipment. Carmella compliments him, saying he makes a much better father than a boyfriend, when there is a knock on the door. Carmella answers to Mia and introduces her to Oliver before leaving to get invoices. As Mia gives him a frosty reception, Oliver enquires about Marco before explaining that he is just looking out for Carmella. Mia then flirtatiously admits that he is not the brainless pretty boy who she thought he was, when Carmella returns without the invoices. Hurriedly saying that she can get them later, Mia hurries out, leaving Carmella curious.

Martin Winery - Yard: In WA, Marco cuts his lunch break early to get back to work when Cathy, the owner, mentions this and shows interest in why he chose to work so far from home, mentioning that he is welcome to stay as long as he wishes. As she leaves, Marco returns to work, clearly still hurt about Carmella.

Angus' Apartment - Living room: Angus answers the door to Karl, Susan and Dan, Karl demanding to know where Rachel is while Angus explains that he sent her away. He swears that he does not know where she went, before hinting how hurt she was and asks them to leave.

Allotments: Rachel is walking alone teary-eyed, sitting down and looking at Angus’ bracelet before throwing it away. Breaking down she sighs and gets up, brushing the bracelet off and continuing to cry.

No 26 - Living room: Steve brings Karl and Susan in, asking about Rachel. As Bridget denies seeing her, Karl is immediately disbelieving, when Steve explains that he banned Bridget from seeing her. As they all leave to continue looking, Bridget’s phone rings and she answers to Josh.

The General Store: Josh, having coffee, greets Bridget and she says that it is not a good time. As he asks what is wrong, she says that Rachel is missing, quickly hanging up and cutting him off.

No 32 - Living room: Ben and Mickey are feeding Harvey and Bob when Janae arrives, Mickey saying that it was supposed to be a surprise. As Valda, Steph and Ben leave them alone, Janae asks what is wrong and Mickey explains that he wants her to come home so that she and Ned can be married. Janae looks briefly upset before asking if Ned knows where Mickey is and offers to take him home. Mickey then says that she can stay over with Ben, looking disappointed when she is unsure and he leaves to get Ben.

No 26 - Kitchen: Ned is on the phone to Libby, asking about Mickey, when he returns with Janae and Ben. Left alone, Janae explains to Ned that Mickey wants her to come home when Mickey again asks her to stay over. As Ned says that it is her choice, Janae agrees and Mickey excitedly pulls her away while Ned looks excited.

Restaurant: Rachel sits at a table and dries her eyes, taking out her purse to find that she has only some change in it. When a waitress leaves to give her more time, Rachel takes Angus’ bracelet out of her bag, looking hurt though puts it back on.

The General Store: Susan and Karl arrive with Bridget to spread the word on Rachel. Bridget greets Declan, who then decides to help her look. As Elle asks how long Rachel has been missing Karl, thinking she is only interested in the newspaper, snaps at her to stay out of it before Susan takes him away. Mia then enters and flirts with Oliver, the pair of them deciding not to judge the other. Getting back to Marco, Mia mentions that Marisa is her best friend, not realising that Oliver does not know who Marisa is. After explaining that Marco was married, she trails off, saying it is complicated and that he should forget it.

Carmella's Apartment - Kitchen: Oliver and Carmella are cooking, talking about Mia when she again comes for the invoices. Alone with Oliver, Mia says that it is “unfinished” between Marco and Marisa before quickly leaving as Carmella returns. Again left suspicious, Carmella says that she wished Mia could have stayed, curious to know Marco is doing…

Martin Winery: Still at work, Marco is joined by Cathy who tells him that it is past knock-off time. As she jokes about how suspicious he seems, Marco sharply tells her that there is nothing wrong, and she leaves him alone to work.

No 26 - Living room/kitchen: Ned, Janae, Mickey and Ben are setting up a tent with a bed sheet, Mickey noticing how comfortable Ned and Janae are together. Avoiding the subject of getting back together, Ned and Janae leave to get snacks, while Mickey tells Ben that Ned is mad at her because Darren kissed her. Overhearing the boys shouting at each other, Janae asks what is wrong, telling them that she will explain.

The General Store: Bridget and Declan stop for a break from searching when Josh sees them and criticises Bridget for ditching him. Jealous, he starts to leave, telling Bridget that he knows she does not like him romantically and never did. As Declan listens, Bridget asks if they can still be friends and Josh disagrees, telling her make her mind up about Declan. Declan then grins to himself as Josh leaves.

No 26 - Living room/kitchen: Janae explains to Ben and Mickey that sometimes adults have trouble making up, attempting to correct things by saying that she kissed Darren and not the opposite way. Listening, Ned asks for a private word, telling Janae how silly it was to load something like that onto Ben. Janae says that she did not want Ben to hate Darren for leaving, when Ben asks to go home. Backing away from Janae, he lets Ned take him home, leaving Janae to absorb what she has done.

No 28 - Dining table: Libby is reading the paper when Karl and Susan return with nothing on Rachel. As Karl decides to ring the police, Ben returns with Ned, who leaves them to talk. As Karl and Susan listen, Ben tells Libby that Janae told the boys that she kissed Darren, so he broke up with Libby and left. Libby sighs and hugs him.

Restaurant: Rachel has finished her coffee when the waitress tells her that they are closing for the day, offering her free use of the phone if she needs it. Rachel says that she is fine and heads to leave. As she does, she is shocked to find the Erinsborough News with the headline “Shock Scandal at Local School” with a photograph of Angus included.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Declan Napier, Lou Carpenter, Valda Sheergold, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes, Marco Silvani, Daniel Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Janae Timmins, Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Guest Cast: Jonathan Wood as Angus Henderson, Petra Yared as Mia Silvani, Liam Hemsworth as Josh Taylor, Bernadette Schwerdt as Cathy Martin, Sharon Fenech as Sally Upton

Trivia Notes
• The restaurant scenes were filmed at Paesano Knox City Shopping Centre

Summary by Brendan

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